25,000 UK students to go to India for studies

A senior officer of the British High Commission confirmed that as many as 25,000 students from the United Kingdom will be sent to India to study in the Indan Universities over the next five years.

Stating that the UK and India have entered into a well-established, broad ranging and expanding partnership in education sector over the years, Soper said Prime Minister David Cameron and ministers in his government have visited India with a specific goal to explore further opportunity to broaden partnership in education sector.

“Education remains a key plank of bilateral relations between India and the UK,” he said.

The British Council has devised a project called – Generation UK – under which 25,000 students from the UK will come over to India over the next five years for studies, Andrew Soper, Minister Counsellor in the British High Commission at New Delhi, told reporters.

Asked as to how the British students will benefit by studying in Indian academic institutions when they have world class facilities back home, he said, there are a number of good educational institutions in India, too which can help the students from his country to excel in their chosen field.

Similarly, the bilateral partnership between the two countries provides an opportunity to the students from India to undertake education and research in the UK which has four of top six universities of the world and 30 of top 200 academic institutions, he said.

Sharanya Bharathwaj