555 ‘Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu’ Tamil Movie Review

‘Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu’ also known as 555, is a 2013 Indian Tamil action film directed Sasi. Sasi is one of the underrated directors in Tamil Cinema. He has given wonderful movies such as Sollamale, Roja Kootam, Dishyum & Poo to Tamil Cinema. All his 4 movies were well received among Critics & Audience. His last movie “Poo” was released in 2008. He worked on the script of this movie for almost 2 years and the movie went on the floor in 2012 with the title as “Puyal”. Release date got postponed due to various issues and finally it was scheduled to be released on 15th Aug ’13. But, due to Vishwaroopa Controversies of Thalapathy Vijay’s “Thalaiva”, Chinna thalapathy “555” got released suddenly on 10th Aug ‘13(Saturday) without much promotion. Bharath’s Six Pack for this movie was talk of the town few months back. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this review.

Story: It is a Mind Thriller Genre movie which is very rare to our Tamil Cinema. Last Mind thriller movie was Samar. Story of this movie is revealed only in the last 15 minutes. Hence, I don’t want to reveal it here.

Bharath – His Six Pack will speak much more than mere words for his hard work & dedication for this movie. His 6 pack had already fetched him Bollywood offer. He has almost lived the role in this movie. His dance movements in the songs were too good. Santhanam plays the role of Bharath’s elder brother and have limited screen presence with good characterization (not comedy oriented one)

'Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu' 555 Tamil Movie

‘Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu’ 555 Tamil Movie

Mirthika makes her debut in this movie. She had got a meaty role. She looks like Next Door Girl and her innocent expressions were cute in few scenes. She does the role of a typical Tamil Movie Heroine whose characterization will be similar to Girl discharged from Kilpauk Hospital.

Cinematography by Saravanan Abimonyu was too good in the songs.Music Director Simon’s songs are quite good, but misplaced in the movie.

Director Sasi makes a comeback to Tamil Cinema with Action oriented script for the first time and has done a decent job in the second half. First half of the movie with usual romantic scenes tests the patience of the audience. But, he makes a strong comeback in the second half with engaging screenplay which has lots of twists. Flashback in the movie was quite good.

But, once the plot is revealed, asusual the movie ends with a routine fight between hero and villain. If Sasi had worked little more in the first half and had executed it little better, it would have been a HIT.

Overall, People who liked SAMAR may like this movie. It is a Different Genre to Tamil Cinema and hence, will receive mixed response

First Half – 2 / 5 & Second Half – 3 / 5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5
For people who likes Different Genres – 2.75 / 5