68 illegal migrants found hidden in Lorries in Harwich

Sixty-eight suspected illegal immigrants were found last Thursday, hidden inside four lorries arriving at Harwich International Port in Essex, UK. The Home office confirmed that stowaways were found inside four separate lorries rather than in one container as initially reported.

They were found during routine Border Force checks at Harwich International Port. Thirty-five people from Afghanistan, 22 from China, 10 from Vietnam and one Russian were discovered, reportedly including two pregnant women and 15 children.


Four Polish drivers have been arrested on suspicion of facilitating illegal immigration. They were now being questioned, the Home Office confirmed. It is not yet clear where the lorries had been before sailing to Harwich.

The pregnant women were among seven people taken to Colchester Hospital as a precaution after they reported abdominal and chest pains, although their conditions were described as non-life-threatening.

Bernard Jenkin, MP for Harwich and North Essex, said the people were discovered in trucks “full of Polish washing machines”, adding the 68 individuals would probably be told to “go home”.

He said 94% of trucks go through unchecked and it was therefore possible more migrants got through this way than was known.

– Spadman