Ameer’s Aadhi Bhagavan in London from 22nd Feb

Director: Ameer Sultan

From: Friday 22nd Feb (5 shows) at Ilford Cinema London and many other Cineworld

Starring: Jayam Ravi, Neetu Chandra, Sudha Chandran

This spectacular Tamil action thriller depicts an epic struggle between law enforcement and Mafioso gang members.

The Rao Brothers are notorious criminals in the Indian state of Andra Pradesh. The Central Bureau of Investigation are fighting the brothers for tax evasion on their granite business and begin to raid their houses for evidence – leading to full blown conflict between those on opposite sides of the law! The Rao Brothers believe CBI officer Apsar Hussain to be responsible for initiating the search and seek revenge with the help of corrupt Bangkok business leader, Mr Shyam. They brothers soon capture Hussain and aim to extract a terrible vengeance – leading to gripping drama as Hussain then attempts to escape from his vengeful tormentors. Directed by multi-award-winning Ameer Sultan, scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja and with an outstanding cast led by Jayam Ravi, this compelling thriller blends edge-of-the-seat thrills with incisive character drama and a touch of romance.