Ankita Somisetty – Young Face of South Indians in Britain

“British South Indians – Voice of South Indians in UK” always would like to appreciate and recognise all South Indian talents residing in the United Kingdom, we have identified the young talent of March 2013.

We are pleased to inform you that Ankita Somisetty is the “Young Face – British South Indians” for the month of March. British South Indians have witnessed her talents in many events arranged by many Telugu associations in the UK at various venues including British Parliament building, Temples and many more places. Particularly we have seen her thoroughly enjoying while singing & dancing.

Ankita at Ugadi function by milton keynes telugu sangham

Ankita at Ugadi function by milton keynes telugu sangham

Ankita’s parents Sangeetha & Satheesh are from Mahabubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh, India, 139 km from the state capital, Hyderabad.

Ankita has been learning Kuchipudi classical dance from Mrs.Deepa Viswa Mohan in Dunstable,Bedfordshire for the last 6 months.Before that she learnt Bharatanatyam from Mrs.Prashanti Uppaladadiyam in Luton for a year.

We contacted Ankita’s mum Sangeetha Akarapu, who answered our questions about Ankita’s success!

  • About your daughter & her family, school, class & hobbies
    Ankita Somisetty is 5 yrs old and is in year 1 at Orchard School in Barton-le-clay, Bedfordshire. Ankita is our only daughter. Her hobbies are reading, singing, dancing and inquisitive to learn new skills. Ankita attends Balvikas (where children are taught about Indian culture and human values). She enjoys reading Mythological stories.
  • What are her achievements?
    Ankita started performing classical dance on stage at the age of 3 years.
    Milton Keynes Telugu Sangham – Kuchipudi Dance – April 2013
    UKTA Telugu’s got talent – sang devotional song – March 2013
    UKTA Sankrantri celebrations – London Parliament – Kuchipudi – January 2013
    Luton Malyalee Association – Kuchipudi – Jan 2013
    Luton Mandir – Kuchipudi – November – 2012
    Luton Diwali celebrations – Bharatanatyam – November 2012
    Orchard School Diwali Assembly – Bharatanatyam – November 2012
    Wilstead Jubilee celebrations – Bharatanatyam – June 2012
    Eeshwaramma day celebrations in Sai mandir – Bharatanatyam – May 2012
    MKTS Ugadi celebrations – Bharatanatyam – Mar2012
    UKTA Ugadi celebrations- Bharatanatyam – Mar 2012
    MKTS Ugadi celebrations – Bharatanatyam – May 2011
    TPUK Ugadi celebrations – Bharatanatyam – May 2011
    TPUK Diwali celebrations – Bharatanatyam – Nov 2010
    Ankita was appreciated and loved by all, for which we are always thankful.

    Ankita with her Grandma

    Ankita with her Grandma

  • Where do you want her to be next?
    We would like Ankita to pursue her interests, as her wish is to become Indian classical dancer as well as baby doctor like her dad!
  • How do you encourage her at home / school?
    We involve enthusiastically in all her activities and encourage her.
    School is very interested regarding Indian culture. Ankita performed classical dance in school’s Diwali celebration in 2012 and she was commended in school newsletter.
  • Your views on bringing up South Indian children in Britain and What would be your advice to other young parents?
    We wish South Indian children should be more and more exposed to our values and culture by participating in community activities – Temples and festival celebrations so that they get good insight into our core values.
    We wish to advice all young parents to facilitate the communication with their grandparents back home regularly.

    UKTA Telugu's Got Talent

    Ankita Singing at UKTA Telugu’s Got Talent

  • What do you think the British South Indians should do for you or someone similar to your daughter?
    We sincerely thank you for all your support and efforts. We wish this diaspora expands further in future to encourage and inspire all our children.
Ankita's Dance at the British Parliament building

Ankita’s Dance at the British Parliament building

On behalf of British South Indians we would like to Congratulate Ankita Somisetty and her parents Sangeetha Sateesh Somisetty! Well done Ankita! We Wish you All the very Best!

We do hope there are many more talents hiding amongst our South Indian community. If you know someone who we should appreciate & recognise then by all means please do not hesitate to contact us.



One Response to Ankita Somisetty – Young Face of South Indians in Britain

  1. Prashanthi

    April 22, 2013 at 8:48 am

    Dear Ankita,

    You are born talented. Well done! and keep going.
    I wish you all good luck in every step you take. Don’t let you parents efforts go in vain. You are so lucky to have them.

    Sangeetha, You did great work! Congratulations!.

    Keep going. All the best.
    Prashanthi Uppaladhadiam