Bangalore Mysore road to be 8 lane

India’s technology capital Bangalore is planning to get 8 lane toll motorways to help battle the city’s growing congestion problems. The 111km controlled access expressway, which is currently operating on 4 lane, is to been seen as a solution to solve the growing congestion problems of India’s technology capital.

The Karnataka government is planning to lay the Bangalore-Mysore road an eight-lane highway with flyovers to ease traffic congestion at key bottleneck. The previously proposed plan of the expressway consisted upgrading the current 4 lane to 6 lane wide highway. After the traffic survey conducted by Public Works department and the frequent incidents of choked up lanes with consistent discomfort to the commuters, it has been proposed to lay an 8 lane expressway to the ease the traveling troubles between the two cities.

Bangalore Mysore road to be 8 lane

Bangalore Mysore road to be 8 lane

The drive that used to take around two and half smooth now takes more than three and half hours to finish the journey. The traffic density that has gone up from 20,000 passenger car unit (PCU) in 2004 to almost 40,000 PCU in last year the commuters opine that the illegal speed breakers add to the delay in the journey.

There lies a proposal of building flyovers at the main junctions in the stretch, in five places over the towns enroute Mysore – Bidadi, Ramanagaram, Maddur, Mandya and Srirangapatna. The eight-lane highway proposal is to be expected to be presented to chief minister Siddaramaiah and included in the budget to be presented on February 14.

The current stretch is constructed by Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises (NICE) chaired by Ashok Kheny on Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) basis. Widening of the road means will acquire a huge chunk of land along the highway, which is seeing huge real-estate action in the near future. The land owners are likely to get four times the market rate – if they have to part with huge chunks of their land.

The current 4 lane motorway was first made available for use back in 2004, almost a decade ago the project costed around $87 mn constructed to link Bangalore with a key job-spinning suburb to tackle traffic problems stemming from high levels of growth. Over 20,000 acres acquired for the road development, out of which 4,000 acres was used for the expressway to ease the traffic problems in view of making the suburban city as second alternate place to reside and work in the state.