Desingu Raja Tamil Movie Review by Common Man for British South Indians

Director Ezhil made a strong debut in Tamil Cinema with Vijay’s “Thulladha Manamum Thullum” and later, did movies with Ajith (Poovellam Un Vasam & Raja). His last movie “Manam Kothi Paravai” was commercially successful due to Imman’s Music & Sivakarthikeyan’s presence alone. He has come back again with a Rural Comedy Movie. Let us see whether Ezhil & Vimal manages to give us a movie, which is as good as “Kalavani” in this review.

Story: It is about 2 villages, which are in rivalry with each other (Usual Cinematic Village story which we are seeing for last 25 years). Basic plot is similar to Mammootty’s Marumalarchi Movie, in which Devayani (Mammootty’s wife) comes to his village to kill him.

Vimal – His role in this movie is almost similar to the ones which he is playing right from Kalavani. His acting too remains the same. When he does the role of urban guy, it doesn’t suit him. When he does the role of village guy, it looks repetitive. Hopefully, he will select good scripts in future which provides him platform to perform.

Bindu Madhavi – She looks beautiful in Saree and doesn’t have much opportunity to perform yet again. She has to improve her acting skills in emotional scenes. She hardly reacts when her dad dies.

Vinu Chakravarthy – He makes a comeback after several years to Tamil Cinema. It seems he came from U.S to just act in this movie. His characterization in the movie was not powerful, but quite good.

Soori – After Santhanam, Soori is known for his comedy timings. But, in this movie, he has performed the role which looks like tailor made for Vadivelu. His comedy in the second half along with Singampuli works to some extent.

Desingu Raja Tamil Movie Review

Desingu Raja Tamil Movie Review

Imman – He is the major reason for Manam Kothi Paravai’s success. He has given wonderful songs in this movie too. Ammadi Ammadi song was the best one.

Director Ezhil had tried to give a movie similar to “Manam Kothi Paravai” (80% Comedy with little Romance & absolutely no story). First half of the movie moves at snail’s pace and comedy doesn’t work out completely. There was almost no continuity in few scenes. Heroine dad dies and in the next scene, she comes with full make-up. Few Comedy Scenes in the second half had come out well. He had tried to give a climax which ends with comedy similar to Kalavani. But, unfortunately only few people MAY like the climax and most of them will criticize it.

Overall, Desingu Raja will test your patience in the first half, make you laugh in the second half & irritate you with the climax

First Half – 1 / 5 & Second Half – 2.5 / 5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 1.75 / 5

‘Desingu Raja’ is not running in the United Kingdom

Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar