Educational Testing Services have identified large scale of abuse in Student Visas

James Brokenshire, Minister for immigration, UK, revealed a shocking news of student visa abuse to the parliament on Tuesday, June 24.

He informed that Educational Testing Services (ETS), the European subsidiary of an American firm, has found that more than 50,000 exams on the mandatory English proficiency test, which is taken by foreign students to further extend their British visas, are found either invalid or questionable.

As a result of this, the licences of 57 private education colleges, which were found guilty, has been suspended by the UK government.

Mr. Brokenshire said, “I can tell the House that since the start of February, immigration enforcement officers with the support from the National Crime Agency and officials from UK Visas have been conducting a detailed and wide-ranging investigation into actions by organized criminals to falsify English language tests for student visa applicant. They have also investigated a number of colleges and universities for their failure to make sure that the foreign students they have sponsored meet the standards set out in the Immigration Rules.”

James Brokenshire

James Brokenshire

He also added, “We have told a further two universities – the University of Bedfordshire and the University of West London – that they are no longer allowed to sponsor new students pending further investigations which will decide whether they too should be suspended. We have already removed some 750 bogus colleges from the list of those entitled to bring foreign students to Britain and of these almost 400 we now know were linked to those who obtained invalid ETS certificates. We have tightened up the rules for individual students.”

While announcing the measures Mr. Brokenshire also informed the MPs that a criminal investigation was under its way into ETS Global Ltd. the European subsidiary of US Company.

Welcoming the measures, Labour’s immigration spokesman, David Hanson, said that the details of this abuse was shocking and that he also wanted to know if the House Workplace ministers knew about the scale of this abuse before the investigation was done.

“The program demands integrity. The minister demands to restore self-assurance today,” he stated.