Engage your skills for a cine-chance at your door-step!

With a lot of successful international movies made here, UK has now become a lure for more Indian movies too including Malayalam. After the progressive attempt of recently created Malayalam movies like English, London Bridge (filming now on process), yet another Malayalam movie The EMS and the Girl is to be made here in UK soon.

The movie to be created by the versatile director Mr Rafeek Ravuther and produced by Santhosh Philip seeks individuals who nourish artistic passion to work for them within the team of acting, assisting in direction, make-up, costume, art and production.

Engage your skills

Engage your skills

Also in a bid to craft-in the best, there will be an audition to choose the actors and acting- workshop for the selected actors. The acting-workshop based on the popular Keith Johnstone’s improvisation tips, which is very much influential and significant in modern-day film acting/making, will be organised and conducted by one of the popular artists in UK Mr Manoj Shiva with the earnest guidance of Mr Rafeek Ravuther.

Whoever interested please email your profile at chrisfilmz@gmail.com, shivalinks@gmail.com or contact 07718990029, 07775707207