Google launches website exclusive for Hindi users

In its next step forward, Google has launched a Hindi website, to highlight some of of the best internet content in the language.

The website links together various websites, blogs, apps and videos and allows users to carry out voice searches. A free virtual keyboard for android devices that allows users to type in Devanagiri script is also included.

Google intends to bring people who are not proficient in English come online and the make best use of Internet.

Google announced that Voice Search would now work in Hindi as well and show results and content in Hindi as well. It also introduced a better Hindi keyboard with predictive text, which would ensure that typing in Hindi wouldn’t be a hassle as it can be in the current keyboards.

Google’s Head of Search Amit Singhal was also present at the event and he said that there where the ‘Hindi-web’ experiment was concerned, this was indeed the first of many steps to come from Google. Google’s aim with this programme is to ensure that India has 500 million Internet users in India by 2017 and it realises that not all of them are going to be proficient in English. The company has chosen to start with Hindi because it is the dominant language in India.



Given how huge the Hindi-heartland is, having an Internet that is friendly to all, isn’t something that can be achieved overnight and Google knows this. Earlier this year, Google Now the voice-assistant from the company, had got an Indian accent, perhaps an indication that Google understood that not all Indians are speaking English with accent.

With India, the Internet-user growth will be mobile-based, a fact that’s been repeated countless number of times. If the next batch of users, find content in a language that they are more proficient with like Hindi, it would mean a drastically different Internet experience for them as well.