Indian Councillor Tom Aditya Re-Elected With A Thumping Majority

UK’s pioneer South Indian Conservative Councillor Tom Aditya was re-elected from Bradley Stoke in South Gloucestershire securing almost two-thirds of the total polled votes. This is a proud moment for all.

Councillor Tom Aditya is a social campaigner and management consultant living near Bristol. He also serves as the Advisory Board Vice Chairman of the Avon & Somerset Police, which covers the Bristol City and the West of England districts. He is the first person of Kerala origin outside London metropolitan region to be elected Councillor and the first South Indian elected on Conservative party ticket. He is also the first Indian and first Asian elected in the South Gloucestershire County. His continuous success in 2011 and 2015 demonstrated his popular support. His election victory also revealed the vibrancy and solidarity of the electorate to recognise talented individuals irrespective of their race or colour, in an area which is inhabited by 98% white British. Tom keeps cordial relationships with all community members as well as maintains close links with British Prime Minister David Cameron and other important Ministers at the Westminster too.

Tom was in the forefront not only in leading the developments activities of the neighbourhood, but also in taking care of immigrants in the UK, helping them in their visa problems, employment issues, social security issues, hate crime issues and habitat issues. He also acts as a volunteer in repatriating bodies of migrants died in the UK. Besides, Tom Aditya is currently spearheading the campaign at the international level to save an innocent man sentenced to death in the UAE jail.

Tom Prabin Mathew Aditya was born in a traditional Christian family in Kerala as the eldest son of Thomas Mathew and Gulabi Mathew. His political lineage may have come through his dad who is very much involved in the social and community activities of his neighbourhood. His maternal grandfather, who passed away in 1954, was an Indian freedom fighter and a leader of the national movement in the erstwhile State of Travancore during the 1940s and 50s. Even as a young boy, Tom was acclaimed as a good reader and speaker. He was a dynamic student acknowledged by his teachers, active in student’s union activities, debating forums and quiz competitions. He studied Law and Economics at University and did Masters Degree in Management from California, USA. He started his career in banking and gained exposure travelling widely and working through various ranks of management.

Tom served as projects director and management consultant of an engineering college in India, before embarking his journey to commence management consultancy services in Great Britain in 2002. He later diversified his activities to financial services and exports. He built up a successful business and soon became the most productive financial consultant in the UK. The business activities enabled him to criss-cross and explore the world further and to be adorned with various recognitions. He penned two books and few articles on public administration and political science.

Tom was always involved in community activities and was ready to help others. He was the President of the local community association. In 2009, he was selected to the South Gloucestershire Council’s Equalities Forum representing the ethnic minorities, which gave him an extended platform to serve the wider society. He used that opportunity resourcefully to help the marginalised in their human rights and equalities issues and to serve as a voice of the voiceless.

South Indian Origin Conservative Councillor Tom Aditya

South Indian Origin Conservative Councillor Tom Aditya

Taking account of Tom’s community involvement and understanding, he was chosen in 2010 as the Trustee of the Southern Brooks Community Partnership- a renowned voluntary sector charity organisation. He was also in the forefront of the campaigns for faster broadband and the full-fledged post office in Bradley Stoke. Tom’s sincere efforts for such causes prompted the local residents to nominate him to the Council. The awesome successes he had testified his popular recognition for his sincere service and activities in the area. But Tom gives credit to the party, the team-work and the magnanimity of the electorate.

At the local authority, Tom gained the distinction as an enthusiastic and pro-active councillor acknowledged even by his political opponents. He became the chairman of the Planning & Environment standing committee and member of the Finance and the Leisure, Youth & Amenities standing committees of the Council. He holds high attendance record in all council meetings and civic programmes and relentlessly raises his voice for people’s needs and concerns. Being the council’s ambassador for international twinnings, he devotedly partakes and encourages twinning visits and inter-cultural programmes to twinned cities, to local schools as well as in the neighbourhood. Councillor Tom Aditya currently wears various other hats too. He is the Honorary Secretary of the Avon (West of England) Local Councils Association and the Trustee of Southern Brooks Community Partnership. He is an active member of the school governing board, library board, health centre committee, hate crime prevention team, safer & stronger community partnership, the Bristol City’s blood & organ donation campaign, multi faith forum and many more. He thus contributes to various streams of the society, admirably.

Cllr Aditya is distinguished by his trademarks- sincerity, conviction and courage. He smoothly blends together the roles of a people’s advocate and management consultant. His passionate interest in civic subjects and sustainable community development projects are illustrious and his comprehensions in such themes are inspiring.

Tom recalls that he faced many challenges in life, but he feels that such ordeals provided him the experience to comprehend the world in a realistic perspective. Tom strives to work along with all sections of the society with a positive attitude. Tom feels that people should keep off political differences and cultural diversities to work together for the holistic development of the nation.



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