Introduction to Omar Khayyam at Kattankaappi – Friday 8th March

Omar Khayyam, the noted poet, philosopher, mathematician and astronomer who lived in Samarkhand of Persia (present day Iran) during 11th and 12th century AD is well known for his quatrains which count over 600 to his credit. Edward FitzGerald translated many of his works into English which paved the way for the introduction of Khayyam in to the West.

Taste a bit of Omar Khayyam at our ‘Kattan kaappiyum kavithayum’ programme on Friday 8th March 2013 at Kerala house from 7-9pm.

Malayalam short stories and poetries by various authors will also be presented. You are invited to present your own literary works or those by others. This is a FREE event. Black coffee will be served.

Call Priyan (07812 059822) for details.