Jilla Tamil Movie Review by Common Man – Sathish

Jilla – Trailer of the movie confirmed that it is going to be yet another commercial action movie with all the ingredients – Comedy, Sentiment, Action,Songs, etc. For the first time in the world history, a trailer was released just 72 hours before the release of the movie. It was also released around 3 AM for the first time and received great response among Vijay fans. Vijay Fans felt “Very Happy” after watching the trailer. Vijay really looked too charming in the trailer. Background music by Imman has added more value to the trailer. Though the songs were not the best from Imman, it was quite good. Especially “Kandaangi” & “Verasa Pogayile” have been topping the charts. There is no doubt that Vijay’s dance in other songs will add more value to Imman’s Music. Vijay is one of the very few actors, who have good market in Kerala & Karnataka too. Kavalan was remake of malayalm movie “Body Guard”, but even then Kavalan was a blockbuster in Kerala. It shows the fan following for Vijay in Kerala.

Vijay + Mohanlal’s Combo had created huge expectation for this movie. Mohanlal’s latest movie “Drishyam”, which got released 3 weeks back was a blockbuster. Hence, there is no doubt that the movie is going to have huge opening not only in Tamil Nadu, but also in Kerala. Vijay + Kajal Aggarwal reunite again after the blockbuster “Thuppaki”. Director Neason’s first movie was “Muruga” got released in 2007. Then, he worked as Associate Director for the movie “Velayathum”. He has told this movie story during the shooting of Velayutham to Vijay in 2011.
Vijay was impressed with the script and called back Neason to direct this movie after completing three movies (Nanban, Thuppaki & Thalaiva) in 2013. It shows the faith Vijay had in this script. Vijay & Mohanlal are Superstars in Tamil & Malayalam film industry respectively. Hence, Director was confused on whose name to appear first in the title credits, Vijay requested the Director to have Mohanlal’s name to appear first in the title credits as he is a legendary actor.

Jilla Tamil Film Review

Jilla Tamil Film Review

Producer of the movie is R.B. Choudary. Vijay + R.B. Choudary gave wonderful Tamil movies such as “Poove Unakkaga”, “Love Today”, “Thullatha Manamum Thullum”, etc. This is 25th year for R.B. Choudary’s “Super Good Movies” Production. Vijay’s “Kadhaluku Mariyathai”, “Poove Unakkaga”, “Thullatha Manamum Thullum” are the best feel good movies in Tamil Cinema. Let us see whether R.B. Choudary + Vijay combo gives yet another feel good movie or ususal Vijay’s Commercial action movie in this Common Man Review.
Story: Vijay hates police department and their dress colour itself. Vijay plays the role of adopted son of Mohanlal. Mohanlal is a gangster & forces Vijay to become police officer, so that he will support all their illegal activities. What happens next forms the crux of the story

Vijay – After a huge success streak (Kavalan, Velayutham, Nanban & Thuppaki), Thalaiva managed to receive average collections due to issues with the release date. He gets Mass Intro in the movie, which will be enjoyed by his fans. Vijay looks adorable with his mischievous looks & smiles. Asusual, he has performed brilliantly in all departments. His voice modulation, comedy timing, dance and imitating Mohanlal’s walk will receive applause from common audience too.

Kajal Aggrawal – Love Scenes between Vijay & Kajal were quite similar to Thuppaki movie and was quite good. She does the regular commercial movie heroine role – 6 scenes and 3 songs.

Mohanlal – 4 National Film Award winning actor had not been utilized properly in the movie. Chemistry between Vijay & him were much better than Vijay & Kajal. In the first half, the combo gives lots of cheering and shouting moments for their fans. But, in the second half, story moves as Vijay vs Mohanlal and the usual commercial movie scenes were repeated.

Soori – His One Line Comedy Timing Dialogues were great.

Mahat Raghavendara – After Mankatha, he has acted in this movie as Vijay’s brother. He has done his job quite well with limited screen presence.

Nivedha Thomas – After acting as heroine in “Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham”, she had done sister’s role in this movie. Her scenes are quite similar to brother – sister sentiment scenes which we are seeing from 90’s

Pradeep Rawat, Thambi Ramaiah, Poornima Bhagyaraj, Vidyullekha Raman have played the supporting actor roles. Scenes between Vijay & Poornima have come out really well.

Editing by Don Max could have been better. Movie runs for almost 3 hours. Duration of the movie plays the spoilsport. First half of the movie was quite engaging. But, second half had various melodramatic sentiment scenes for father, mother, dad & sister. Climax of the movie too was never ending.

Music by Imman was quite good. He has given two good melody songs – “Kandaangi” & “Verasa Pogayile” to the movie. Vijay’s voice to the song “Kandaangi” & Vijay’s dance performance in “Jingunamani” along with Scarlett Wilson (London based actress) adds more value to his music. Imman’s Background music was too good.

Directo Neason is really lucky to work along with Vijay + Mohanlal in his second movie. He has managed to give an engaging commercial action movie in the first half. Indeed, there was a major twist in the interval block and it raises curiosity for the second half. But, the second half was too dragging with a twist in the pre climax portion, which was not needed & due to that twist, movie runs for 20 more minutes testing the patience of the audience.

Overall, it will satisfy die hard Vijay fans alone as he returns back to old fashioned pure mass commercial action formula movie yet again

First Half – 3/5 & Second Half – 2/5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5
Rating of this movie for die-hard Vijay fans – 3 / 5

BBFC – UK Rating



  • RELEASE DATE 10/01/2014
  • BBFCINSIGHT Contains moderate violence, injury detail and threat
  • GENRE(S) Action, Drama
  • DIRECTOR(S) R. T. Neason
  • CAST INCLUDES Mohanlal, Vijay, Kajal Aggarwal, Mahat Raghavendra, Niveda Thomas, Soori, Sampath Raj
  • CUT This work was passed uncut.

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