Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

“Kaathirundai Anbe” & “Vaazhkai Oru” Songs along with good teasers / trailer have created some expectation for this movie. It is also Jai’s next movie after “Raja Rani” (His performance is one of the major reasons for Success of the movie). VTV Ganesh, Sathyan, Rajkumar (NKPK) combo along with Jai confirms that this movie is going to be yet another COMEDY Oriented movie without any logic. Movie Title was kept as “Saraswathi Sabatham” (Sivaji’s movie – 1965). But, later title was changed to “Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham” as Sivaji fans doesn’t want their hero movie name to be kept for a Comedy movie. This movie is not remake of Saraswathi Sabatham. NSS was advertised as a FANTASY COMEDY Movie, which is very rare genre in Tamil Cinema. Let us see whether it will satisfy our COMMON MAN in this review.

Story: First Half – Inspired from Hangover, Second Half – Inspired from Cast Away. In the movie itself, there are dialogues mentioning that movie looks like these two movies. Jai & his three friends travel to Bangkok to enjoy Bachelor’s party. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Jai – He proved that he is one of the versatile actors in Tamil Cinema after “Engeyum Eppothum” & “Raja Rani”. In this movie, he doesn’t play the role of leading hero. He is one among the four friends, who have equal screen presence in the movie. He plays the role of Siddha Sex Doctor, which will not go well among family audience and may be liked by youngsters.

Niveda Thomas – She doesn’t even have a single scene in the second half and have 15 – 20 minutes screen presence in the first half. She looks beautiful, but doesn’t even have a single scene to perform in this movie.

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham - Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham – Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

VTV Ganesh – He has more dialogues in this movie. His comedy works in parts. Few of his scenes in the second half were quite lengthy and will irritate the audience to some extent.

Sathyan & Rajkumar – They have scenes throughout the movie, but don’t have much opportunity to perform or have scenes which will make us laugh.

Cinematographer Anand Jeeva had captured Langkawi (Malaysia) locations well. Entire Second half happens in Bangkok (they have taken these scenes in Malaysia as Bangkok will be always crowded) and he has made sure that the locations looks different in each scene.

Editor Suresh has done a decent job in the first half. In the second half, there are lots of scenes which are lengthy and dragging. Even, Manobala says a dialogue that we have given 4 intervals for the audience in the second half.

Music Director Prem Kumar had given two wonderful songs. Songs were one of the major reasons for decent opening for this movie.

Director Chandru, former assistant director of C.S. Amudhan & Venkatprabhu had to be appreciated for taking a FANTASY COMEDY Movie in Tamil Cinema. Due to his respect on Guru, he has kept a scene for Venkatprabhu, in which he speaks with Thala Ajith regarding Mankatha 2 over the Phone. Though the title was kept as “Saraswathi Sabatham”, it looks more like remake version of “Thiruvilayadal”. Lots of scenes & dialogues from earlier Tamil Movies were used, which may be enjoyed by few people and irritate the rest. Introduction scenes of the 4 heroes were not impressive. There are few good comedy scenes in the movie, with lots of amateurish scenes. There is also a dialogue in the movie in which Manobala mentions that the audience may start messaging in the second half through Facebook & Twitter – “First half OK Second Half Mokkai” (which seems to be TRUE)

Overall, it is yet another COMEDY MOVIE with very few comedy scenes which will make you laugh

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.25 / 5




  • Type Feature
  • Approx. Running minutes 138
  • Release dates 29/11/2013
  • BBFCInsight Contains infrequent moderate sex references and violence
  • Genre(s) Comedy
  • Director(s) K. Chandru
  • Cast includes Jai, Niveda Thomas, Sathyan, VTV Ganesh, Manobala, Subbu Panchu, Rajkumar, Devadarshini, Badava Gopi
  • Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.