No changes to OCI and PIO at present, merger not likely to happen very soon

The Indian High Commissioner, Ranjan Mathai said that the Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card and Person of India Origin (PIO) card merger will not happen very soon.

A new Bill which seeks to do away with the existing OCI card & the PIO card and replace them with a new OCI card was proposed by the Indian Government few months ago.

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No changes to OCI and PIO

No changes to OCI and PIO

This had caused oppositions and rage from Indian living overseas.

While addressing the Indian community members and to the media, Ranjan Mathai said that the bill went through in Loksabha but did not pass through Rajya Sabha.

He added that there would be no discussion on this matter until a new government comes into place in New Delhi.

So at present, there will not be any changes to the present two schemes and will remain the same with no changes.

PIO CARD: This is issued to any person currently holding foreign passport, who can prove their Indian origin up to three generations before. The same holds for spouses of Indian citizen or persons of Indian origin. Citizens of Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries as may be specified by the central government are not eligible for grant of Persons of Indian Origin card.

The PIO card must be produced alongside the foreign passport when entering or departing any port in India. Any changes in the foreign passport – name changes or passport renewal – must also be reflected in the PIO card.

OCI CARD: the OCI card is for foreign nationals who were eligible to become a citizen of India on 26.01.1950 or was a citizen of India on or after that date

The High commission has now improved their services and made things easier for those who are applying for the OCI or PIO cards.

Sharanya Bharathwaj