“Pizza 2 – The Villa” Tamil Movie Review by Common Man – Sathish Kumar

‘Pizza’ Tamil Movie was a huge hit and one of the best horror – thrillers in Tamil Cinema. Horror – Thrillers are rare in Tamil Cinema and there is definitely a huge set of audience for it. Chandramukhi, Muni, Kanchana, 13B,even Telugu Dubbed Movie Arundathi or recently released Conjuring was greatly received by the audience. Pizza 2 – The Villa. Director Deepan Chakravarthy had approached C.V. Kumar (Producer of Pizza) with this script after Pizza’s release and it didn’t have any relationship with Pizza. But, C.V. Kumar felt that it would get good opening if the movie gets released with the tag “Pizza 2” and has been promoting it as the sequel to Pizza. Definitely, there is a good advantage as people may come to watch the movie as it is sequel to a blockbuster movie. But, at the same time, People will compare the hero & director performance to the original version. Movie is releasing on a Thursday (14th Nov) as it is Children’s Day. Even big heroes movies doesn’t get released on Thursdays, as the producers feel that if the movie receives negative word of mouth, it may not have crowd even on the first weekend itself. Recently, Arrambam was released on Thursday and it is creating records. But, Arrambam is totally in a different league.

Ashok Selvan & Sanchita, who acted in Soodhu Kavvum along with Vijay Sethupathi have done the lead roles in this movie. Let us see whether the tag “Pizza 2” helps the movie in positive way or the other way in this review.

Pizza 2 - The Villa

Pizza 2 – The Villa

Story: Deepan takes his own time in revealing the story. Movie runs for only 1 hour and 42 minutes. He takes almost 50 minutes (1st half) to reveal the story. Hence, if the story is revealed in the review, audience may feel bored while watching the movie. This movie is not even 0.001% related to Pizza and it is not a sequel to Pizza.

Ashok Selvan – He did the role of Software Engineer in Soodhu Kavvum Movie. He is the one who will be heavily impacted due to the tag Pizza 2 as he will be compared along with Vijay Sethupathi. He has done a decent job in this movie, which doesn’t give him much opportunity to perform.

Sanchita Shetty – She has acted in Thillalangadi and Kollaikaran. But, though, she had done a cameo role in the movie “Soodhu Kavvum”, she did her job well with the character name “Shaalu”. She has more screen presence and opportunity to perform in this movie with the character name as “Aarthi”. But, definitely people will remember her with the role name as “Shaalu” only.

SJ Surya – If you are one of the very few people who were waiting to watch him on the screen after long time. You have to wait for long time in the movie too to see him for just 2 minutes.

Nassar – His characterization in the movie is very important to the story, but he has screen presence of just 5 – 10 minutes and he has performed brilliantly asusual.

Editor Leo John Paul & Music Director Santhosh Narayanan were one of the major reasons for the success of Pizza. Duration of the movie is huge positive for this movie. Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM adds more value to the movie.

Director Deepan had to be appreciated for giving a movie with awesome concept, but it would have been much better if he had executed it well. First half of the movie moves at snail’s pace without engaging screenplay till the interval block. Interval Block was quite good with great VFX effects. He has taken the whole first half to build a huge platform for giving a thrilling second half with one of the best twist endings in Tamil Cinema. Climax & Preclimax portion are the biggest positive things for this movie.

BBFC Rating UK

  • TYPE Feature
  • RELEASE DATES 14/11/2013
  • BBFCINSIGHT Contains moderate threat and horror
  • GENRE(S) Thriller, Mystery, Horror
  • DIRECTOR(S) Deepan
  • CAST INCLUDES Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, S. J. Surya, Nassar
  • CUT All known versions of this work passed uncut.


Screenplay of the movie in the first half was extremely slow without any engaging scenes. Second half was much better than first half with superb climax.

Overall, If you are expecting a horror movie or movie as good as Pizza, then you will be quite disappointed. But, if you are expecting a good concept movie with great twist in the climax, you will be satisfied.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

Rating of this movie for people who like unique concepts & twist endings – 2.75 / 5

-Sathish Kumar