Raja Rani – Tamil Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

Raja Rani – It is Nayanthara’s come back movie. It is a movie in which, Arya & Nayanthara have acted as couples. This is much more than enough to create a huge expectation for the movie. Adding to it, Jai’s comeback movie, Nazriya’s second movie after Neram, wonderful Songs from G.V. Prakash and marks the debut of Shankar’s Associate Director Atlee. Trailer of the movie went on viral and reached 10 Lakhs in no time, as even the trailer was watched twice or thrice by many youngsters. Let us see whether it will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this review

Story: It is the modern version of “Mouna Ragam”. Nayanthara plays the role of “Revathi”, Jai plays the role of “Karthik” & Arya plays the role of “Mohan”. Mohan’s love story too is shown in this movie.

Jai & Nayanthara – They have more screen presence in the first half, which helps them to make a strong comeback to Tamil Cinema. Jai’s wonderful overacting and unique voice is the real USP for this movie along with awesome cinematography & good music. Story moves at his own pace before the arrival of Jai. Scenes between Jai & Nayanthara will definitely attract the youngsters. Emotional Scenes before the interval block looks little melodramatic. Jai’s characterization in the movie perfectly fits him and he has done the role with ease. Nayanthara has chosen the best script in her career to make a comeback.

Arya & Nazriya – Love scenes between them occupies the second half. Scenes between them look quiet melodramatic, clichéd & dragging. Nazriya looks cute and doesn’t have much opportunity to perform in this movie. Arya had opportunity to excel with his performance in a scene or two, but he has not utilized it completely.

Raja Rani - Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

Raja Rani – Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

Santhanam – He proves that he can dance as well as Arya in a Song. He has the most important dialogue in the movie which conveys the message “If a person drinks after Love, it is Love Failure. If a person drinks after marriage, it is Life Failure. His comedy timing had really worked out in this movie and he has performed well even in the emotional scenes.

Sathyaraj – He does the role of Nayanthara’s dad in the movie. He has screen presence of 15 minutes before the interval and 5 minutes in the second half. Youngsters would love to have a dad like him after watching the movie.

G.V. Prakash has given wonderful songs to the movie. “Hey Baby” & “Angnyaade” are already the most played songs in the F.M’s. Background Music in the movie was excellent

Cinematographer George C Williams, makes debut in style. He is the real hero of this movie. Each and every frame looks colourful &crystal clear. He is already rewarded for this wonderful work. Murugudoss, who worked with Santhosh Sivan in his earlier movie, had booked George for his next movie.

Editing by Anthony Ruben was good. But, the major drawback of this movie is the running time – 2 hours & 45 minutes. He could have removed few scenes between Arya & Nazriya.

'Raja Rani' Tamil Movie Review

‘Raja Rani’ Tamil Movie Review

Director Atlee is really blessed to start his career along with big names of Tamil Cinema Shankar & Rajinikanth. He makes a dream debut with leading actors & actress, which is produced by Murugadoss & Fox Star Studios. He had to be really appreciated for giving a wonderful message oriented movie with full of commercial ingredients. Movie has a wonderful message “There is Life after Love Failure” and it doesn’t look preachy, even in a single scene. But, at the same time, there were few melodramatic & clichéd scenes in the interval block & second half. But, the last 20 minutes with yet another climax, which ends in the Airport, had come out really well with awesome dialogues.

Overall, Jai & Nayanthara Scenes were good, Arya & Nazirya scenes were average & dragging, Climax of the movie was too good. It is a feel good movie, which will be liked by youngsters.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3 / 5

Currently this is running on many cineworld theatres. BBFC Details are as follows



  • TYPE Feature
  • RELEASE DATES 27/09/2013
  • BBFCINSIGHT Contains moderate bloody injury detail
  • GENRE(S) Drama
  • DIRECTOR(S) Atlee
  • CAST INCLUDES Arya, Jai, Nayantara, Nazriya Nazim, Sathyaraj, Santhanam, Sathyan
  • CUT All known versions of this work passed uncut.