“Raja the Raja” concert in the O2 Arena, London

The much awaited event – “Raja the Raja” was witnessed by the whole of Tamilans and the maestro’s fans in the O2 Arena on 24th August 2013.

The musical extravaganza event was organised in a grand scale by Lyca mobile. This is the first ever time Isai Gnani has performed in London. The event was not only an audio treat but also a visual treat- the colourful rays of light beaming across the entire auditorium, the attractive visual effects were indeed a double bonanza.

illayaraja_Raja the Raja_London_Music_Event

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan & Isai Gnani Ilayaraja

Like any other Illayaraja’s concert, this one too started off with Janani Janani song. Isai Gnani’s voice texture added divinity and peace to the whole set up. The audience listened to HIS MASTERS VOICE with passion, joy and excitement !

It was then followed by Om Shivoham by Karthik. Karthik’s diction & voice culture was sure a treat.

Raja the Raja_London

Maestro Ilayaraja performing at O2 Arena in London

34 songs were rendered in total. Padmashree Dr.Kamal Hassan sang 5 songs much to the anticipation of the crowd. The list is as under:

1. Janani Janani (Ilayaraja)
2. Om Shivoham (Karthik)
3. Oliyile therivathu – (Karthik and Bhavatharini)
4. Annakili Unnai Theduthe (Chinmayi)
5. Amma endruzhikkatha( Madhu Balakrishnan)
6. Manjolai Kilithano(Jayachandran)
7. Pattucholli Padacholli (sadhan Sargam)
8. Ilaya nila (SPB)
9. Rasave Unnai Naan Ennidhaan(SP Shailaja)
10. Raja Rajathi Rajan Indha Raja (Ilayaraja)
11. Oru Ragam Padalodu ( Madhu Balakrishnan and Sadhna Sargam)
12. Andhi Mazhai Pozhigiradhu(SPB)
13. Katril Endhan Geetham(Chinmayi)
14. Rasathi Unna Kanadha Nenju(Jeyachandran)
15. Kathirundhu Kathirundhu(Jeyachandran)
16. Shenmbagame Shenbagame(Sadhana Sargam)
17. Aalapol Velapol (SPB)
18. Oru Kili Urukuthu(Shailaja & Bhavatharini)
19. Aayiram malargale Malarungal(SP Sailaja)
20. Tholin Mele (SPB)
21. Adi Aathaadi (Ilayaraja & Swetha Mohan)
22. Kodiyile Malliga Poo(Jeyachandran)
23. Senthoora Poove Sentho ora Poove(Chinmayi)
24. Unnavida Indha Ulagathil (Kamal Haasan)
25. Maanguyile Poonguyile (SPB)
26. Etho Ninaivugal( Madhu balakrishnan & SP shailaja)
27. Chithirai Sevvanam(Jeyachandran)
28. Yen Iniya Pon Nilave(Karthik)
29. Inji Idupazhaga (Kamal Haasan & Chinmayi)
30. Kaasu Mele Kaasu Vanthu(Kamal Haasan & Karthik Raja)
31. Saindhu Saindhu(Yuvan)
32. Sangeetha Jaathi Mullai(SPB)
33. Kanmani Anbodu (Kamal Haasan)
34. Thenpaandi Seemaiyile(Illayaraja & Kamal Haasan)

Raja the Raja_London_illayaraja

Kamal Haasan & Karthik Raja at O2

True to the song- RAJA KAIYA VECHA ADHU WRONG A PONADHILLE, Illayaraja expected all the singers to render songs with impeccable perfection and hence corrected them right in the stage when they did a mistake. For eg, Chinmayai was made to sing the 2nd paragraph of the song – “Annakili unnatheduthey” as she unnoticingly repeated the 1st paragraph twice. Infact the Maestro himself accepted the little mistakes he made, which a layman would not even have noticed. His honesty, perfectionism, professionalism, sincerity is what people love and worship him for.

Illayaraja’s forthcoming audio release for the Tamil movie – “Megha”

Illayaraja’s forthcoming audio release for the Tamil movie – “Megha”

This event also witnessed Illayaraja’s forthcoming audio release for the movie – “Megha”. The first copy was released by Kamal Hassan and received by Lyca Mobile Chairman, Subaskaran Allirajah. The hero of the movie, Rahul attended the event and received blessings from the Sakala kala vallavan & the Isai Gnani.

The astounding thing in the event was the non-stop rendition of songs. There were no coffee/Tea breaks – the horse-powered crew performed the whole evening at a stretch, with the motto to anoint the die-hard fans with as many as lovely songs they could.

As always, Kamal Hassan- the universal hero captured everyone with his presence of mind, charm, wit and sense of humour. He re-wrote the lyrics of few songs spontaneously that created cheer, excitement and laughter in the crowd.

Dr.SPB remained evergreen with his unparalleled, unprecedented, remarkable voice. The formidable “Sangeetha Jathi mullai” song would have otherwise been a herculean task on stage for anyone but for “Paadum Nila Balu”- his voice remains fresh and vibrant as ever.

The inimitable chemistry that the trio- Dr.SPB, Ulaga Nayagan Kamal & IsaiGnani Illayaraja shared was truly immortal. It proved that they were much above friends, critics or fans.

It was a wonderful evening- a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy seeing their idols perform Live in London.

Image courtesy: Prashan Jayatheepam

Sharanya Bharathwaj