Ramaiya Vastavaiya Telugu Movie in UK


After enthralling international audiences with adrealine driven films such as the blockbuster Race series, superhit producers Tips Films are ready to take audiences on a romantic trip down memory lane with the new Millennium‟s answer to the epic romantic hit, Maine Pyaar Kiya, Ramaiya Vastavaiya, releasing on Friday 19th July through Reliance Entertainment.

Giving the film added star appeal is South and North Indian renowned director, choreographer, dancer and actor extraordinaire Prabhu Deva, behind the 100 crore club hits Wanted, Rowdy Rathore, who hangs up his action boots to direct this Summer‟s freshest rom-com. The film sees producer Kumar Taurani’s son Girish Kumar make his much anticipated debut. He is joined by Bollywood rising star Shruti Haasan for the remake of Prabhu Deva’s directorial Telugu blockbuster debut “Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana” which was inspired by the 1980s cult Hindi film “Maine Pyaar Kiya”.

Ramaiya Vastavaiya – Telugu Movie

Ramaiya Vastavaiya – Telugu Movie

Prabhu Deva has enjoyed a highly successful career spanning 15 years and is widely regarded as one of India‟s most influential and avant-garde dancer-choreographers. He is referred to as „India‟s Michael Jackson‟. Among his cache of award wins, he has two National Film Awards for Best Choreography for Minsaara Kanayu (1997) and Lakshya (2004) as well as a Filmfare Best Choreography Award and Star Screen Award for Lakshya (2004).
Ramaiya Vastavaiya unfolds the sweet yet tumultuous love story between two youngsters Ram (Girish Kumar) and Sona (Shruti Haasan) set against the backdrop of a rural Punjab farm.


Shruti Haasan in Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Ram always introduces himself as spoilt, naughty and badly behaved. Being the only child of Australia-based billionaire couple Siddharth (Randhir Kapoor) and Ashvini (Poonam Dhillon), he‟s not that far off the mark. Sona is a simple and poor girl from a small Indian village, who has been lovingly raised by her brother Raghu (Sonu Sood), who has worked night and day to make sure Sona gets a good life.

Ram and his snobbish mother Ashvini come to India to attend his cousin Riya‟s wedding. Here he meets Sona, who is Riya‟s childhood friend. Their first meeting is literally a clash between Venus and Mars. Ram, the habitual flirt, gets drawn to this lovely but simple girl from the village.

Young love blossoms but Sona‟s brother Raghu hates the wealthy, and Ram‟s mother has nothing but disdain for the not-so-wealthy. Ram will have to face impossible challenges and Sona will have to witness his hardship and humiliation. How will Ram and Sona face these impossible odds? How can their love have a happy ending?

Shruti and Girish

Shruti Haasan & Girish Kumar

This colourful and extravagant entertainer replete with music, drama and action will showcase all that Indian cinema does best. Ramaiya Vastavaiya releases from 19th July 2013 through Reliance Entertainment.

British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) Info

  • Type of media Film
  • Approved Running time 146m 51s
  • Release date 19/07/2013
  • BBFCInsight Contains moderate violence
  • Genre(s) Drama, Musical, Romance
  • Director(s) Prabhudeva
  • Cast includes Girish Taurani, Shruti K. Haasan, Randhir Kapoor
  • Cut This work was cut. The cuts were made at the request of the distributor to achieve a particular category. Cuts were made by substitution. Details of cuts below may contain spoilers or plot details.



Prabhu & Jacqueline Ramaiya Vastavaiya

Prabhu & Jacqueline Ramaiya Vastavaiya

  • Tell me something about Ramaiya Vastavaiya. Your Experience?

This was my first film in the South and it was very close to my heart. The film has a new actor in the film and to launch a new actor is a lot of responsibility for any filmmaker. The male protagonist’s name is Ram in the movie so the title fits perfectly well

  • How was it working with Girish How was the experience?

When I started working on the film, I did not know much about Girish. But once I started filming, I just knew I had made the right choice with Girish. I asked Girish to dance to a few of the Bollywood songs and he was superb.

  • Pairing a North Indian boy with a South Indian girl, how did that work out in the film?

Since Girish is a new boy, we needed an actress who would suit him and we casted Shruti. Shruti is known in Bollywood and she fits the bill for her character. We didn’t actually think about whether the actress should be from the South or North in the process.

  • How did you Select the title Ramaiya Vastavaiya How did this happen?

We had many options but someone had suggested Ramaiya Vastavaiya and since this was a very famous song we liked and we chose it as the title of the film. Ramaiya Vastavaiya in Telugu means Ram will you come. The title also works since the male lead’s name is Ram Huiro.

  • Girish Kumar has made you a hero. Would you like to work with new Actor even further?

Girish Kumar and his father made him a hero. I have just directed him – I am ready to launch new actors.

  • You are making a romantic movie. How many romantic in real life?

What in the world is not romantic. We are all romantic. I hope the film clicks with the audience and they fall in love (again) too!


Girish Kumar

Girish Kumar in Ramaiya Vastavaiya

  • Ramaiya Vastavaiya is your debut, what are your expectations from it?

Well I hope everyone would love to watch Ramaiya Vastavaiya, as it is a complete family movie. We have put in tremendous effort into the project. We hope the audience will like it.

  • You did your action sequence yourself in Ramaiya Vastavaiya like Akshay does in his movies, so are you ready to become next ‘Khiladi Kumar’ of Bollywood?

Well, he is a veteran actor, I cannot compare myself to him. If I will get a chance to hang out with him, then maybe I will become like him.

  • How was your experience working with Shruti Haasan?

As we all know Shruti Haasan’s father is a star, but she is so grounded. She is very professional. I was so comfortable working with her that I didn’t even realise when the shoot was over! I think the energy and cuteness between me and Shruti is really appealing.

  • You are the son of producer Kumar Taurani. Did your father’s name help you in your career or did you struggle to bag the chance on your own?

Just because I am producer Kumar Taurani’s son that doesn’t mean I did not struggle. I had my own share of struggle but not like other newcomers. Yes, I had opportunity but it was all about achieving the goal as I did. Only after taking my audition, Prabhu Sir displayed his contentment and said to my father that we will be working together. I am happy that I am debuting with Prabhu Deva’s film.

  • How is it working with Prabhu Deva, our very own dancing legend and now ace director with hit after hit

It was a pleasure and I couldn’t have asked for a better launch. He has been a great mentor and I have had a memorable experience on this film.

  • Prabhu Deva is a dancing icon, how difficult was it for you to groove with him on ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi De De Tu Abhi’?

Prabhu Sir is a good human being and of course a great dancer. He made me work so patiently. I had lots of fun while working with him. He was so co-operative that I did not feel like a newcomer.

  • Any unknown fact you would like to share with us about your upcoming flick?

We had fun at the shoot. We drove a bullock cart. I even squeezed milk from a cow! I was scared of getting kicked. I asked Sir [Prabhu Deva] not to stop rolling the camera in order to capture the correct shot at any moment. After all this I am happy that I did something very strange.

  • If you were not an actor, what would you have wanted to be?

I always wanted to be an actor since childhood. I never thought of anything else beyond acting.

  • You are already a heartthrob with the females. How does that feel?

I am very happy and honoured. I hope I live up to their expectations.