Raul Madrira – Next “Cristiano Ronaldo” of Britain

“British South Indians” found the next “Cristiano Ronaldo” of Britain – Raul Madrira. Raul is a young promising professional football player, currently plays for Hampton Diamonds under 8’s football team. Raul has a record of scoring in every single game. He is 7 years old and currently on year 3 at Isleworth Town Primary School. Raul has been chosen as “Young – Face of the Month” by BritishSouthIndians.co.uk

Raul’s father Anoop Madrira answered our questions about Raul’s success!

Please tell us about Raul
Raul Madrira is seven years old and is in Year 3 at Isleworth Town Primary School. His hobbies are playing football, golf and Cricket, playing the guitar and reading. He is also particularly fond of project work such as using powerpoint presentations at school. He is an avid supporter of Manchester United. Raul has a younger brother, Roan, who is five years old. His mother (Neetha Madrira) and father (Anoop Madrira) originally hail from Coorg, which is a beautiful district/hill station in Karnataka.

Madrira Brothers

What are his achievements?
Raul has been elected to the student council of his school this year and has been enjoying working with the other members of the council. He is in the top category (in his class) for Mathematics and English. Raul plays football for the Hampton Diamonds under 8’s football team and has a record of scoring in every single game. In his last match, he scored a hat-trick which also made the headlines in the local newspaper! He is also taken up golf and being coached at his local club (Wyke Green Golf Club). He wants to play cricket as well and is finding it a bit hard to see where he can fit it in!!
Raul with the best player prize (7-10 year olds)

Where does he want to be next?
Raul’s first priority is to become the next Cristiano Ronaldo and play football professionally. If that does not work out, he wants to become a scientist!

How do you encourage him?
From our perspective, we think that it is important that Raul has the opportunity to take up, enjoy and excel in all things ‘growing up’ at this young age. Positive encouragement and interaction is key. Instilling confidence is important as well.  Love and affection always help others.

Your views on bringing up South Indian children in Britain and What would be your advice to other young parents?
One disadvantage that we have is not having ‘extended’ families around us as all or most of them live in South India (apart from one uncle and aunt of ours in the UK). Therefore, we feel that it is very important not to forget our roots and make sure our child knows where we come from and also our general train of thought. We also feel that interaction with people from ‘all walks of life’ is key and very important. Meeting new people and making new friends broadens one’s horizon.

Football has been the most popular sport in Britain since the 1860. Though its very popular, we hardly see any British Asians participated at professional or international levels. So far, we have seen only 8 playes of Indian origin football players played at professional or international level.

Verdi, Roger 1972
Dosanj, Aman 1999 Youth caps for England Women (First British Asian to represent England at any level)
Chopra, Michael 2000 Youth caps for England
Taylor, Neil 2001 Senior caps for Wales
Singh, Harpal 2001
Bains, Rikki 2006
Sansara, Netan 2008 Youth caps for England
Verma, Aman 2009

BritishSouthIndians.co.uk wants to bring our community members to the media and encourage them to be more successful! We wish Raul all the very Best!

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4 Responses to Raul Madrira – Next “Cristiano Ronaldo” of Britain

  1. Nicky Appachu

    February 20, 2013 at 3:05 am

    Well done and all the best Raul ….
    Looking forward to watching you on tele soon 😉

    Best wishes,
    Eecama, Raghav anna, Malu mami, Nicky mama, Tatha and avva.

    PS : well done Anoop, Neetha and Roan.

  2. Ranjan Devaiah

    February 22, 2013 at 5:29 am

    Well done young boy. Exiting to know that a coorg boy is doing so well in sports and studies . Wish you all the best in whatever you take up. Good luck to the parents also.

  3. Aiyappa

    February 23, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    Really nice!! All the best and wish to see you on TV soon :-)

  4. Rhea Muddaiah

    February 26, 2013 at 3:33 am

    Awesome Raul.. And good luck.. Make us all proud..