Renault stops exporting Duster to UK from India

Popular car manufacturer, Renault, has decided to stop exporting Duster to UK from India. According to rumors, the reason for this major decision by the company is supposed to be the rust issues reported by the UK customers from the Duster SUVs that had been manufactured in India. But, other sources have reported that the same problem has been faced by the Duster made in Romania as well, and also by the customers of the Dacia Duster in other European countries.

This UK model of the SUV will be sourced from Romania, which is actually the headquarters of the Dacia brand. The Romania Dacia manufacturing brand now makes the right hand drive of the Duster. As such, more right hand drive models of the Dacia car may be built in the factory aiming for the UK market. India and Romania are both supposed to be developing countries with low labor cost. This has led to several car companies having opened their factories and manufacturing units in these countries. They also have their export facilities here due to the low production costs and high profits.

The delivery times for the Dacia Duster could now become much faster due to the location of Romania, which is in the Eastern side of Europe, quite close to UK. Moreover, transporting the Duster to UK from Romania is cheaper than transporting from India. There are several changes as well in the Dacia Duster that UK will be getting from Romania. They have new alloy wheels, updated grille, and even updated upholstery. Renault has even given new colors to the SUV.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

The Dacia Dusters sold in UK are reported to get petrol and diesel engines. They even get a 4 wheel drive. The petrol engine Duster has a 1.6 liter engine, which can produce 105 PS. The diesel powered Duster gets a 1.5 liter engine, which can produce 110 PS. Both the types of engines power Dusters which are front wheel drive models. The warranty offered for the Dusters sold in UK are 3 years and 60000 miles. They also offer 6 years of corrosion warranty and 2 years of paint warranty.

The Renault India Country Chief Executive and Managing Director Sumit Sawhney said, “We aim to consolidate our operations in the domestic market. We first want to cater to the Indian market and then any spare capacity would be channelised for exports. We shifted exports of some variants to Europe for logistical and economic reasons as the currency fluctuations were not in our favour.” He added, “We have witnessed that Indian customers don’t appreciate cross-badged (same cars which carrying cosmetic changes sold under multiple brands). So, we will stop cross-badging in future and all the Renault cars would be exclusive manufactured and sold by us in the Indian market.”