Sarvani presents Naatya Manoharam – Beauty of Dance at Nehru Center

Dance is a form of divinity. It is yet another way to reach the almighty’s feet. All Indian dances and performing arts of India are believed to have branched out from ‘NatyaSasthra – (Treatise on Dance)’ an ancient text written by Bharata Muni. Kuchipudi, as one of the eight main classical dance forms that closely follows the principles of NatyaSasthra – combines fast rhythms and sculpturesque body movements. Having come across ages, this divine dance form still stands unique with many of its distinctive features traced to the innovations introduced by the brilliant scholar Siddhendra Yogi of the 14th century. He built up the repertoire and refined the dance technique. “NaatyaManoharam – beauty of dance” showcases the repertoire of kuchipudi and brings out the unique aspects of the dance form.

Event Venue: Nehru Center,
8, South Audley Street,
Date: 19th March 2014 @ 6:30PM

Sarvani Sashidhar is an extremely gifted artist with immense passion to perform and impart the rich tradition of Kuchipudi. Gifted with scintillating style, Sarvani has an electrifying stage presence with right propensity for rhythm and expressions. She learnt Kuchipudi from great gurus Padmasri Dr. SobhaNaidu, Smt. Seetha, Sh. Vedantam Radheyshyam and Sh. Rajaram.

Sarvani Sashidhar

Sarvani Sashidhar

She started giving solo performances at the age of seven and gave many stage shows and participated in several national and international level dance festivals. She was honoured with the national NRITHYA SHIROMANI AWARD and the titles “NRITHYA BHARATHI” & ”NRITHYA VILASINI”. She is an empanelled artist in Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and India World Cultural Forum (IWCF).