Singam 2 Tamil Movie Review UK

Singam 2 Tamil Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

Singam 1 had proper mix of Love, Humour, Sentiment & Action and reached well even among Family Audiences. Though it was a Commercial action movie, it had fast paced narration which was major reason for success of the movie. Hari had mentioned that Singam 2 will start from where it was left out in Singam. Almost all the characters in Singam 1 were retained in Singam 2 except Prakashraj as he dies in the Part 1. Hansika Motwani, Rahman & Santhanam have been added to the casting list in part 2. Few people didn’t like Teasers of Singam 2 as it gave more importance to Suriya’s Punch Dialogues. Suriya & Hari combo have given good movies such as Aaru, Vel & Singam till date and hence there is also good expectation for this movie. Let us see whether it will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this review.
Story: It is about how Suriya, DSP catches the International Drug Dealer Danny Sapani.

Suriya – People like him as he does movies with various genres. But, Singam 2 was quite similar to Singam and trend of Tamil Cinema in 2013 is quite different from 2010. His punch dialogues and voice modulation didn’t go well with the audience in teasers. Having said that, Suriya as NCC Coach & DSP had done a commendable job. He completely fits the role and has done full justice to his characterization.

Anushka & Hansika have done the female lead roles. Hansika plays the role of School Girl and it fits her as she had reduced lots of weight now. Her characterization in the movie is really good with lesser screen presence and for the first time, she had acted to some extent. Anushka’s role had been added to have continuity and she does the usual lead heroine role of wearing glamorous costumes and dancing with the lead hero.

Singam 2 Movie releasing all over the world from 5th July 2013

Singam 2 Movie releasing all over the world from 5th July 2013

Vivek & Santhanam have made sure that there is sufficient comedy in this action packed movie. Vivek has made a comeback and have really done his job well. Santhanam has more screen presence than Vivek and even has scenes which are not much related with the movie (Solo Comedy Track). He gets intro with Endhiran theme music, dances with Anushka for “Kadhal Vandalae” Song & does Vishwaroopam fight sequence with his one-liners. Santhanam’s separate comedy track scenes have not come out well.

Danny Sapani – He is a British Actor. His characterization in the movie is as powerful as Johny (Dong Lee) in 7 am Arivu & Vidyut in Thuppaki. But, he fails completely with his acting and doesn’t even create as much impact as Prakashraj’s role created in Singam. Rahman has done a decent job.

Technical Crew of this team is the same as part 1. Cinematographer Priyan had tried various new angles and it had come out really well. The most hyped South African locations come only during the last 10 minutes and it looks very ordinary.

Editor V.T. Vijayan who edited the part 1 and made it look interesting, has not done his job properly in this movie. Movie runs for 170 minutes and it really looks very much lengthy and dragging during the second half. There are 40 minutes of unwanted fight scenes, chasing scenes, comedy scenes & punch dialogues in the movie. Even, if it is completely removed from the movie, it will not create any impact to the flow of the movie

Devi Sri Prasad – Theme Music in Part 1 was too good. Songs too were quite good in Part 1. But, in Singam 2, songs were bad and BGM too was very average. Duet Songs were not needed for this movie & DSP’s very average music for the songs gives lots of interval breaks for the audience.

Director Hari is one of the very few Commercial Directors who was quite successful in Tamil Cinema due to his fast paced narration style. He has to be appreciated for taking Part 2 with great continuity with the same team. Trailers didn’t go well among the audience. But, in the movie, Hari has made sure that he has not lost the touch of creating commercial movie and satisfying even the audience in 2013. Trend of Tamil Cinema in 2013 is quite different from 2010. Nowadays, people encourage Movies which are unique and innovative. But, he had taken a movie which will satisfy Surya fans & 50% of Singam Movie fans. But, due to movie’s running time, unwanted songs, punch dialogues, chasing scenes & predictable second half, he failed to satisfy certain section of audience. If the movie is edited for 2 hours without much punch dialogues and good music, it would have been far better.

Overall, Singam 2 will satisfy Surya fans & 50% of Singam Movie lovers

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

Singam 2 UK Show times

Singam 2 UK Show times

Anygaran International is releasing it in the UK. The show is running on many cine world theatres and boolean cinema in West Ham!

BBFC Details



  • Type Feature
  • Approx. Running minutes 166
  • Release dates 05/07/2013
  • BBFCInsight Contains moderate violence and infrequent strong language
  • Genre(s) Drama, Action
  • Director(s) Hari
  • Cast includes Suriya, Anushka Shetty, Hansika Motwani