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Siva Senai A Film Review Having Audio Released last year much awaited film arrived later than expected with the latest story that had been gripping the Pan London Tamils for the past few years. This is a debut film of N.Ratha who had ventured into entertainment media with the serial Chitra televised on Deepam TV spanning months.

Cast of Siva Senai consists of many familiar faces from TV serial Chitra except for the Hero. One should be praised for the sheer courage to break into an audience spoiled for choice from South Indian films in this era. Director N.Ratha Knowing that his debut film with British Sri Lankan Diaspora would be compared in every aspect ruthlessly with South Indian films.

South Indian cinema industry had been perfecting and honing their skills and expertise in the field of visual media for the past century. Therefore, without a doubt are the masters of the industry. Some Sri Lankan Tamils did over the past years tested the waters reluctantly without much success. The reason being for this is audience are more than satisfied with the films reached them from South India and did not embark on these ventures to make a full blown three hour film perhaps in the fear of failing in comparisons with their rivals.

The truth is no films so far from South India had been based on contemporary themes focusing on issues Sri Lankan migrants are faced with here. It goes without saying that films are instrumental in informing, educating and creating awareness concerning immediate and imminent issues amongst society, a good producer/director should either carry out content specific research in chosen subject or should have had a first-hand experience about what he is about to depict. N.Ratha seemed to have struck a balance at this.

Siva Senai Tamil Movie - UK

Siva Senai Tamil Movie – UK

The film started off with one of the villain departing at his arrival in a well-lit car park being shot by his victims who did not cover their tracks as they commit cold blooded murder. So the film picked up speed right at the start. This made one assume that it is a film about good old gangsters Made in Britain. Siva Senai was inspirational in sharing knowledge with the audience, pointing out where they go wrong and how they fall prey to master mind criminals whose goal and focus is stealing one’s pot of gold literally speaking. Minus the frequent interruptions of songs and dance this film can easily be classed as docu-drama.

Actors have given hundred percent to their tasks with their energetic performance and humour filled dialogue drenched in South Indian accent. Especially the male artists. It can be suggested that a dab of make-up on male actors would have gone a long way. Care should have been given not to reveal who the ring leader was at the beginning. Hero with many dimensions to his character compensated to this discrepancy to some extent. Intentional or accidental it was hard to guess who the hero was. A brain well-tuned to South Indian guess whodunit, climax etc is wired to work in a prescribed manner. Siva Senai is a breath of fresh air in this aspect. It is a battle to create a climax to an expert audience whose brain is constantly working on the background to figure out who is who and who done the despicable crime.

Success lies in proofing the audience wrong. In this manner the film does captivates the audience without an iota of doubt. This is a film addressing issues society is faced with at present. This alone would encourage audience to welcome more of this kind in the future. Furthermore, films of this sort could find it’s own passage to the route of success without being showcased along with their contemporaries in this field. Well worth the effort.

– Movie Review by our user Gowry Paran ( Though the review was sent to us on 29/nov/13, we had to wait for the movie to be released )

Published on 3-Mar-2014


Good thing about the movie is that the Director has done a fantastic job on dubbing using the South Indian style (slang) which can be viewed & understood by both Indian Tamils and Srilankan Tamils.

Ragam Productions Siva Senai

BBFC Details



Produced & Directed by : N Ratna
Creative Director : Hakeem
RELEASE DATES : 28/02/2014
BBFCINSIGHT : Contains moderate violence
GENRE(S) : Drama
CAST INCLUDES : Sujith, Dharsiya, Anushya, Jute Dharshan, Akila, Indhu, Jackson, Rajmohan, Jai, Judhan Sri, Krishanthi, Rohini
CUT: All known versions of this work passed uncut.

Siva Senai-Show Time Schedule

Siva Senai-Show Time Schedule