Storytelling: Abhimanyu

Mon 22 April 2013 06.30 pm
Storytelling: Abhimanyu
Craig Jenkins, UNMAI Theatre Company

Abhimanyu (2013) is a tour-de-force of raw human emotion and traditional oral storytelling- a performance that delves into the ancient history of India to explore the contemporary issues of today. Based on a story from the classic Indian epic ‘Mahabharata’, this  fresh and haunting retelling explores the life of the young Abhimanyu, a soldier destined to fight in a war that he has no chance of  surviving. Drawing inspiration and research from real accounts of child soldiers from across the globe, this innovative piece of theatre  is storytelling at its very best. A live, interactive and engaging performance which celebrates the influence of one of India’s greatest epics  and the powerful resonance it holds in questioning and understanding the world of today. Abhimanyu (2013) is devised and directed by  international storyteller, Craig Jenkins, and performed by the young members of his storytelling troupe, UNMAI Theatre Company. The performance of Abhimanyu (2013) will be introduced by storyteller and founder of UNMAI Theatre Company, Mr. Craig Jenkins.