TAL Ugadi Celebrations 2017

Telugu Association of London TAL has celebrated its 13th Ugadi Celebrations in Redbridge Town Hall, Ilford, London on the 8th of April 2017 along with hundreds of Telugu families living in and around London. TAL Ugadi 2017 convenor Srinivas Reddy inaugurated the event. Chairman Sri Satyendra Pagadala, Vice Chairman Sri Sridhar Medichetty, Trustees Mallesh Kota, Nirmala Dhavala, Bharathi Kandukuri, Sridhar Somisetty, Srinivas Rao Kornepati and Kiran Kappeta have organised the event under direction of the convener. The celebrations that started with a presentation by Tal Culture Centre (TCC) music students have continued with a variety of dances and songs. Carnatic vocal music by TCC Music teacher Veena Pani, Violin by Jyotsna, dance sequences by Sijju and Arunima have mesmerised the audience.

The venue, was filled with festive celebrations with different acts, traditional and cine music and dance. Everyone attending the event have been treated with traditional Ugadi Pachadi and delicious food. Singers from Telugu film industry Gopika Purnima and Mallikarjun have entertained the audience with a variety of songs. Mallikarjun has wowed the audience with his style of imitation of Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s dance moves while singing at the same time. Comedians Abi and Avinash have entertained the audience to no limit. Chandralekha’s dance performance has wowed the audience who were pleasantly surprise when she revealed herself as a boy in women’s guise for the dance performances.

The Chief Guest and cinema actress Praneetha praised the work TAL is doing in preserving and promoting Telugu Culture in the UK. She was happy to find the proportion of women working in TAL towards its motto and has opined that this is an example of women empowerment in every field. She expressed her happiness with the amount of kids talking in Telugu in London. She praised the parents who were continuing to teach Telugu to the next generation of kids.


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Among the VIPs were Mike Gapes, MP for Ilford South, Sri Soumendra Mahapatra official from the India High Commission all of who also praised TAL’s contribution towards passing of Telugu language to younger generation. They have unveiled Maa Telugu Magazine with Hema Macherla, the editor of the Magazine. They have also inaugurally kicked off TAL Premier League 2017 cricket championships that will begin in the coming months.

Chairman Sri Satyendra Pagadala thanked the audience, organising committee, artists, volunteers, fellow organisations and sponsors all of who have contributed to the grand success of the event.