Telangana police kills five suspected terrorists

Five suspected students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) terrorists have been killed in Telangana, as they tried to escape from the police custody. The five terrorists were taken to a court in Hyderabad from Warangal jail when they attacked the police escorting them.

The incident took place in Waranga district of Telangana, which is on the border of Nalgonda. As the prisoners made a bid to flee, attacked the 17 member escorted police crew, who in turn shot the terrorists dead, as an encounter measure.

“Five of the six men were being taken to Nampally court in Hyderabad when they tried to escape and were shot dead,” a police officer said.


Among those killed was Vikaruddin Ahmed, asked his handcuffs to be released to use the toilet and on returning, snatched a weapon. When the other suspects also tried to overpower the security personnel, the escort team opened fire.

Vikaruddin Ahmed was accused of killing a constable in Gujarat in 2007 and many bank robberies. He had been arrested along with his five accomplices in 2010 and was since lodged in the Warangal prison.

However, the Civil rights activists have questioned why 17 security personnel could not bring five handcuffed men under control without shooting them dead. Also it is to be noted that no policeman was injured.

State Police Chief Anurag Sharma clarified that the five men killed yesterday were not known to have any link with SIMI, Indian Mujahideen or LeT. They were partially handcuffed as they had in the past attacked policemen, he added.

An inquiry by an executive magistrate and judicial inquiry has been ordered into yesterday’s encounter, following a Supreme Court directive in 2014.

Sharanya Bharathwaj