Thanga Meengal – Tamil Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

Director Ram has taken only one movie in Tamil Cinema, but he has got reputation much more than Directors who had taken 25 movies. His debut movie “Kattradhu Tamil” was released in 2007, which was praised by critics and certain section of audience. But, unfortunately, it was not a commercial hit. Behindwoods mentioned in the review as “Kurinji Flower in Indian Cinema”. Due to the failure of Katradhu Tamil commercially, he couldn’t start his next project, which had Dhanush & Bhavana in lead roles. Actor Karunaas was Ram’s school mate. He took over the distribution rights of “Katradhu Tamil” and suffered a loss of 75 Lakhs.

Ram got the producer finally in 2009 and decided to start the movie “ThangaMeengal” with Karunaas as the leading hero (Compensation for the loss?). But, due to financial issues, movie got stopped and Karunaas again stepped in to help Ram as the producer. However, the film was subsequently taken over by Gautham Menon and he requested Ram to do the lead role. Movie finally got started in January 2011. Gautham Menon’s Photon movies (‘Veppam’, ‘Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai’ and ‘Nadunisi Naigal’) had several issues before the issues and Thanga Meengal too joined the list.

“Only father of a daughter knows that Kissing is not part of the Lust” dialogue in the trailer created huge expectation for this movie. But, it got delayed due to lack of screens several times. Finally, JSK bought the distribution rights and it got released all over Tamil Nadu today. It is definitely one of the most expected movies in recent times. Let us see whether it will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this review.

Story: It is about very realistic relationship between 8 year old daughter and her dad. It also clearly shows the burden of the little kids due to the current educational system.

Director Ram has done the role of middle aged father and has completely done full justice to the role. Thanks to Gautham Menon for making him act in this movie. He has lived the role of middle-aged man, who gets separated from his wife and daughter, just for the sake of earning money.

8 Year old (currently 11 years) Sadhana will receive Awards for her acting. She has carried the whole movie on her shoulders, as the movie completely revolves around her. Scenes between Sadhana & Ram in the first half will be as cute as “Baby Sarah questioning Vikram” in Deiva Thirumagal.

Malayalam TV actress Shelly makes dream debut in Tamil Cinema with a role, which will be the best in her career.

Padmapriya & Rohini are back to Tamil Cinema after long time and have done good job as usual.

Yuvan Shankar Raja – He is at his best yet again. His BGM conveys the feelings much more than the scenes. “Aanandha Yaazhai “Song was a treat to our eyes & ears.

Cinematography by Arbhindu Saaraa was excellent. Locations in the movie were as good as “Mynaa”. Visual effects were too good.

Editing by Sreekar Prasad was good in the first half. Second half was quiet lengthy.

Thanga Meengal Tamil Movie

Thanga Meengal Tamil Movie

Director Ram had to be appreciated for taking a realistic movie without any commercial compromises even after Kattradhu Tamil’s result. Movies like “Abhiyum Naanum”, “Deiva Thirumagal” & “Haridas” also conveyed the relationship between son/ daughter and their father. But, the directors of those movies made sure that it reaches the common audience too by having few comedy scenes & engaging screenplay. Director Ram didn’t bother about the story / screenplay and wanted to give a movie which expresses the feelings of dad’s relationship with his daughter. He also has conveyed wonderful social message in the climax. This movie will definitely satisfy 60% of the people who liked the Trailer. Rest – Plz don’t watch it and complain that movie doesn’t have comedy scenes, engaging screenplay, looks like documentary, etc

Overall, Thanga Meengal portrays the relationship between middle-aged father and his daughter in a very realistic manner (Not Cinematic)

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5

Rating of this movie by Realistic Movie Lovers – 3.5 / 5

– Sathish Kumar (Common Man)

Unfortunatley this movie is not being released in the UK