Tharangini – Bal Vihar’s Cricket Game

Bal Vihar is a group of children, meeting once a week, at a set venue, for 90 minutes, for the sole purpose of learning precious culture, spiritual wisdom, and related values through books, stories, and games. Balavihars are meant for children in the age group of 5-15 years. These are conducted by trained sevaks/sevikas once a week in a selected host’s house. The Balavihars provide a spiritual and cultural orientation for children.

“Tharangini”is the name of Bal Vihar’s annual day event extravaganza hosted by Balvihar, with the tagline – “For the kids, of the kids & by the kids”.

And now when the update is on Bal Vihar’s most loved, pampered event- THARANGINI, its going to be nothing but extra special!

Tharangini – Bal Vihar’s annual day event incarnated as a game of “CRICKET” .

‘Tharangini’ is a ‘CRICKET GAME’ where all kids and parents are players of this ‘GAME ‘…

Hanuman Chalisa dance1
At 6.00 PM on 20th July, the kids entered the Lampton school ‘GROUND’ (the auditorium); won the ‘TOSS’ BY(e) winning everyone’s heart present there.

It was a unique cricket game, where all the players got a chance to exhibit their skills together. All the kids played for “TEAM BALVIHAR”!!

The kids remembered their dialogues, dance steps, changed their dresses quickly after each programme and co-operated extraordinarily well that day. Indeed, they were true ‘SPORTSMEN’ that day and ‘SCORED’ a “SIXER” for their all their efforts!

Mile sur6

Bal Vihar’s special thanks to their lovely parents & volunteers- their patience and unconditional support simply “BOWLED” us “OVER”!

Truly, BalVihar realised that the kids were “ALL-ROUNDERS”. They could easily juggle music, drama, dance effortlessly. Bal Vihar did witness amazing peer-learning & understanding- they were indeed fantastic “TEAM MATES”!!

A very special credit goes to the back stage volunteers who ‘BAT’tled all the obstacles and administered the entire ‘MATCH’ effectively. Bal Vihar were sure that the whole event was in ‘SAFE HANDS’. Thanks for being an Indispensable ‘PARTNER’ and ‘COACH’ to all the kids.

Also Bal Vihar’s special mention to their audience- their “THIRD UMPIREs” who gave an unbiased and precise judgement/feedback.

samudra manthan 4

The programmes included two welcome dances on Ganesha, ‘Just like you song’ performance, Samudra Manthan skit, Kaun Banega Crorepathi play, ’Panchabootha in Harmony’ dance-drama, Gita chanting by kids and Hanuman Chalisa dance . The kids really brought a ‘WIDE’ and ‘EXTRA’ smile on all the faces that day.

Bal Vihar’s special mention goes to Pooja & Samyak for being their expert ‘COMMENTATORs’.

‘Mile Sur Mera Tumara’ performed by parents as couples became a super-hit, like Dhoni’s ‘HELICOPTER SHOT’. It certainly surpassed all BOUNDARIES and BORDERS!!

It would be no exaggeration if i say that there is no ‘DOOSRA’ or a ‘SUBSTITUTE’ for this programme.

Bal Vihar would like to thank God for making it a perfect ‘MATCH’ and expect more ‘cricketers’ taking part next year. Praying for this long ‘INNINGS’ to continue for ‘CENTURIES’ to come!!

Sharanya Bharathwaj