UK universities loosing places to leading Asian institutions in top 200

The reputation of some of the world class universities in United Kingdom is losing ground and most of them have lost their places in the top 200 list. The universities are losing their status may because of the stiff competition they are facing from various overseas universities – this has been mentioned by various international rankings. According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings for the year 2014-2015 there are many universities in the United Kingdom are losing their place to various leading Asian Institutions in the top 200 list.

London has four universities which were in the top 40 – this number is more than any city across the globe. Besides this a total of seven universities are there in the top 200. The rising power of the Asian Universities is an alarming bell for all the developed countries worldwide. Among the ranking of 200 universities Asia has a total of 24 universities in their ranking list. This number has been rising significantly over a period of time. The Tokyo University and the National University of Singapore have already made their foray into the top 25 list of Universities. Besides these six new Asian universities have made their way to the top 50 universities – thus a total of 10 universities are present in the top 50 university list.

According to the Times Higher Education (THE) World Rankings for the year 2014-2015 there has been a constant fall in the British Universities from the list of top 200. The number has been going down year after year. The Universities of Dundee, Reading and Newcastle have fallen out from the list of top 200 universities. This fall has affected the list a lot thus making the participation of the universities in United Kingdom a little weaker. There are two more universities which are just on the verge of exiting from the list of 200 universities since they are at the 198th and 199th place. This is definitely a situation which has to be checked as the competition of the Asian Universities is rising. This is because of the increase in the standard of education and the facilities these universities are providing to the students.

This has become a global concern and according to Phil Baty the editor of The World University Rankings said that the entire representation of the universities is decreasing day by day.