Veeram Tamil Movie Review by Common Man – Sathish Kumar

Veeram – Trailer of the movie had scenes with lots of punch dialogues and action scenes, which is much more than enough for Ajith fans to watch the movie atleast twice on the first day. “Nallavannu Solvaanga” & “Theme Music” were good, but other songs in the movie were pretty average. Hopefully, Ajith’s screen presence in other songs adds value to the music.

Currently, there are only 2 actors in Tamil Cinema, for whom even early morning 4 AM Show will be Houseful – Vijay & Ajith. Veeram vs Jilla – Nothing can get much bigger than this in Tamil Cinema. It is as bigger as India vs Pakistan competing against each other in World Cup Match. But, the good thing here is, both can win the battle. After several years, Vijay & Ajith movies releases on the same day. Both actor fans want their hero movie to not only succeed at the box office, but also get more collections than the competitor. Fans of the actors will watch the movie without any doubt, but the common audience will be quite selective and may prefer the movie, which has good word of mouth. If both the movies had been released separately (solo release), it would have got much more collections without any doubt. Adding to it, Maheshbabu’s One & Ramcharan’s Yevadu too will make the clash even bigger in overseas market. It is a big festive season with almost 10 days vacation. Nowadays, if the movie runs for 10 days, it will gain atleast twice the budget (based on number of shows). Hence, both the producers want their movie to be released on the same day and didn’t bother about the clash between the titans.

Veeram Movie Review by Common Man

Veeram Movie Review by Common Man

Ajith is acting in rural based movie after long time. Indeed, leading heroes of Tamil Cinema have not recently acted in Rural based movies. Ajith has recently acted only in movies with Anti–Hero subjects. Brother Sentiment Commercial Action movies are very common in Tamil Cinema in 90’S. But, Ajith is doing this kind of role for the first time and hence, it has created good expectation among his fans. This is second movie for director Siruthai Siva. His first movie was a Telugu Remake – Siruthai. Second Movie for any director / actor is the most important one and he is very lucky to have Ajith playing the lead role in his second movie. Let us see whether he manages to give a movie which will satisfy Ajith Fans & Common Man in this review.

Story: First Half – How love blossoms between Ajith and Tamanna? Second Half – How Ajith safeguards Tamanna’s family?

Ajith – Ajith’s intro was simple, but will be loved by his fans. Intro Song was better than Arrambam as it was well choreographed. Recent Ajith movies didn’t give him much opportunity to perform in various scenes & were one dimensional. In this movie, Ajith gets Mass Scenes, utter best Punch dialogues & most importantly, perform in romance & sentiment oriented scenes after long time.
Ajith had to be appreciated for selecting this script which gives more screen for Santhanam & the rest in the first half.

Tamanna – She makes a comeback to Tamil Cinema after Venghai, which got released in 2011. Usually, in big heroes movies, Heroine will be used as Glamour doll, dancing for 2 duet songs and have 3- 4 scenes going behind the hero. The whole movie revolves around her character and she completely fits the role

Santhanam – The only person who can tease Ajith and can receive applause from Ajith fans. He has more screen presence in the first half, with his best comedy timing dialogues.

Vidaarth, Bala, Munish, Sohail have done the role of Ajith’s brothers. Thambi Ramaiah, Nassar, Pradeep Rawat, Abhinaya, Suza Kumar, Vidyulekha etc have done the supporting actors role to perfection.

Cinematographer Vetri – Interval Block fight scene had been captured brilliantly. “Ival Dhaana” Song picturization was superb

Editor Kasi Viswanathan had to be highly appreciated for the engaging screenplay. Though, the story is pretty old one, the pace of the screenplay was quite good.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad – Though, the songs were pretty average, he has made sure that BGM gives more value to screen presence of Ajith in various scenes. There are 2 duet songs in the movie, it would be better if one is removed.

Director Siruthai Siva has given yet another Commercial Sentiment Action Movie to Tamil Cinema, but manages to make it a hit by mixing the right ingredients – Comedy, Romance, Sentiment, Action, Mass Scenes and Punch Dialogues. He will be called as ‘Veeram’ Siva from now on. There is lit bit of Telugu flavour in the movie without any doubt.

Overall, this movie will be a big treat for AJITH fans. It will also satisfy Family audience as it has lots of comedy, romance & sentiment oriented scenes

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3.5 / 5

Rating of this movie for Ajith Movie Lovers – 4 / 5




  • Type of media Film
  • Approved Running time 159m 22s
  • Release date 09/01/2014
  • BBFCInsight Contains moderate violence and innuendo
  • Genre(s) Action, Comedy, Romance
  • Director(s) Siva
  • Cast includes Ajith Kumar, Tamannaah, Vidharth, Santhanam, Pradeep Rawat, Abhinaya, Bala, Avinash, Munish, Suhail Chandhok
  • Cut This work was cut. The cuts were made at the request of the distributor to achieve a particular category. To obtain this category cuts of 0m 50s were required. Details of cuts below may contain spoilers or plot details.

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