Vidiyum Munn Movie Review by Common Man

Only few Producers in Tamil Cinema, who have enormous faith on their movie will have PRESS Show, 4 days before the actual release date. If the movie is good, it will act as FREE PROMOTION for the movie. At the same time, it may also create NEGATIVE PUBLICITY, even before the release for an average movie. But, for this movie, it has created good expectation among Facebook & Twitter followers as almost everyone who had watched the movie have praised it on social network. It was praised as the best movie in 2013 by various critics. Usually, Message oriented & Cult movies will have difference of opinion between CRITICS & COMMON MAN. At the end of the day, Box Office Result matters and Common Man has more stakes in Success of any movie. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this Review.

Story: The film deals with Child trafficking. Story of the movie is pretty simple one. It is about 4 Men (John Vijay, Vinoth, etc) chasing 2 Women (Pooja & Child Artist Malavika) for three different reasons in One day. But, the screenplay of the movie is extremely engaging and it is of Hollywood Style.

Pooja – She makes her comeback to Tamil Cinema after Award Winning Performance in “Naan Kadavul”. She was even nominated for National Film Award. She is extremely choosy in selecting the scripts. She accepted this movie after reading just 5 minutes of this script. She plays the lead character & the whole movie revolves around her & Malavika. It is a dream role for any actress and she has lived the role of “Rekha”, who is a prostitute and tries to save 12 years old Malavika from Gangsters.

Malavika – What a Performance? She carries the whole movie on her own shoulders with award winning performance. Few of our Tamil Actresses & even actors have to learn how to act in emotional scenes from her.

John Vijay – Villain role in a movie should be powerful in Action Movies and Brave in Thriller Movies. His characterization in the movie was well-crafted. He plays the role of an Intelligent Gangster, who takes lots of smart decisions while searching for the little girl.

Vidiyum Munn Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

Vidiyum Munn Movie Review by Common Man Sathish Kumar

Music Director Girish made his debut in “Marina” movie. His wonderful BGM is the second hero for this movie. This Movie also had got released in Auro 3D (11.1 Surround System). Situation oriented Songs add more value to the movie.

Cinematographer by Sivakumar was crystal-clear. Movie was taken in Film, in a period where 80% of the movies are taken digitally. Lighting & Camera angles in most of the scenes were too good

Editor Sathyaraj had made sure that the scenes come at the right position to make it more thrilling for the audience.

Director Balaji K Kumar – He has worked in Hollywood for almost 10 years & directed one of the mostly acclaimed Hollywood Movie “9 Lives of Mara”. It seems that he wrote this script for taking Hollywood movie, but later realized it was not intense enough for them. Hence, he directed it in Tamil as he felt dynamic subject of ‘Vidiyum Munn’ will suit Indian audiences more than anybody.

Hence, for real, this movie has Hollywood Stylish of Making with a simple story, engaging screenplay & climax with a good twist.

For Commercial Movie Lovers, Comedy Movie Lovers, etc – Movie is extremely slow and will not have a single comedy scene. Screenplay & Climax of the movie may be little confusing. There is no Hero; hence there is no Duet / Item / Introduction Song in this movie.

Overall, Vidiyumm Munn is STRICTLY for CINEMA LOVERS, People who loved Onaayum Aaatukuttiyyum & Aaranya Kandam as it is a NEXT GENERATION MOVIE for matured audience.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5

Rating of this movie for WORLD CINEMA Lovers – 3.5 / 5