YA… YAA…Tamil Movie Review – UK

Ya Ya – Almost all Comedy based movies with established actors are commercially doing well. Santhanam & Shiva have separate fan base for them due to their timing comedy dialogues. Director Rajesh is King of Comedy in Tamil Cinema for the present generation youngsters. His Assistant Director Ponram gave a Commercial hit with Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam few weeks back. Now, it is the turn of his other Assistant Director Rajasekaran to make debut in Tamil Cinema with the Dream Combo of Santhanam + Shiva + Powerstar. Let us see whether he manages to continue the Comedy Trend in Tamil Cinema in this review.

Story: Rajesh’s Assistant Director had given respect to his Guru by adapting the story of OKOK itself. Shiva plays the role of Udhayanidhi in this movie.
Santhanam – He almost overshadows even Big Heroes in his movies. Posters of the movie may make us believe that Shiva & Santhanam had played the lead roles as Santhanam’s pair in the movie is Sandhya. But, Shiva occupies 60% of the scene, rest 35% to Santhanam & 5% to Powerstar. Santhanam keeps mocking individuals with their physical appearances and teases girls badly for attracting the youngsters this movie too. There is a dialogue in the movie in which he mentions, “Dinosaur & “Good Girls” are the same, as they don’t exist anymore in the world.” His comedy works in this movie, but not as much as effective in Director Rajesh’s movies.

YA... YAA...Tamil Movie Review - UK

YA… YAA…Tamil Movie Review – UK

Shiva – He keeps continuing to act in the similar scripts & tries to dance in this movie for the songs. Hopefully, his next movie, Vanakkam Chennai will show him in different characterization and makes his career continue in Tamil Cinema.

Powerstar –He was not part of the initial casting. His combo with Santhanam was the major reason for success of “KLTA”. Hence, he was added to this movie with the role of a fashion designer in the movie. He imitates scenes from Rajinkanth’s Endhiran, Kamal’s Virumandi, Vijay’s Pokkiri, Ajith’s Billa 2 and the list continues. It will definitely irritate the audience.
Dhansika – She made a noticeable debut with “Peranmai”. After that, she didn’t get much opportunity to perform in any of her movies. She proved that she can act well in her last movie “Paradesi”. In this movie, she gets more screen presence with absolutely no opportunity to perform.

Sandhya – She makes comeback to Tamil Cinema after long time. It would have been if she has selected a better script to make her comeback.
Music Director Vijay Ebenezer who started his career on a high note with wonderful “Kandaen Songs”, gave quite average songs in Kalakalappu”. He has given average songs in this movie too. There are almost 6 breaks including the interval.

YA... YA...Tamil Movie Review - UK

YA… YA…Tamil Movie Review – UK

Director Rajasekaran has adapted OKOK’s story and have depended on the Comedy Scenes alone in this movie. But, he couldn’t even achieve 25% of what his Guru achieved in Comedy Scenes. With the likes of Shiva, Santhanam & Powerstar, he would have given a much better Comedy Movie than KLTA if he has worked on the script.

Overall, people whoever watches this movie, please make sure that headache tablet is available in the medical shop, near the theater.

Rating of this movie by Common Man: 1.25 / 5 (1 for Santhanam’s Comedy alone)

Movie is currently running in Cineworld Theatres! THE BBFC Details are as follows



  • RELEASE DATE 13/09/2013
  • BBFCINSIGHT Contains mild comic violence
  • GENRE(S) Comedy, Romance
  • DIRECTOR(S) I. Rajasekaran
  • CAST INCLUDES Shiva, Santhanam, Sandhya, Dhansika
  • CUT This work was passed uncut.