1 Man, 79 Years Old, 2600 Miles to raise £1,500,000 for Save the Children

79-year-old explorer and Chairman of the India Association, Balwant S Grewal (also known as ‘Bobby’), is preparing to undertake the most demanding physical and mental challenge of his life with ‘Bobby’s Walk Full Circle,’ a 2,600 mile charity trek across India.

Bobby will travel from Kanyakumari (on the Southern tip of India) up the east coast via Chennai and Calcutta to Delhi, where he is due to finish the walk in May 2015. The aim of the walk is to raise £1.5 million for Save the Children (and other worthy charities in the UK and abroad), while fulfilling a life-long dream for Bobby, of walking the ‘circle of India.’

Charity Walk By Bobby India Association UK

Charity Walk By Bobby India Association UK

Bobby, (who is due to begin the walk on December 1st 2014) will be accompanied by a support vehicle and team of four, consisting of a walk manager, Surjit Singh Sandhu (Social Secretary of India Association), a driver, a physiotherapist and a chef, who will ensure that Bobby remains in good health throughout the five months.

‘Bobby’s Walk Full Circle’ is the second part of an epic journey which began in 2004, with the ‘Great Charity Walk’, where Bobby spent five months walking 2,556 miles down the west coast of India, raising over £100,000 along the way, for Cancer and AIDS research, in the UK and India.

Bobby will complete the circle of India with ‘Bobby’s Walk Full Circle’. The walk will be challenging, due to Bobby’s age, (he will celebrate his 80th birthday during the walk), the extreme weather conditions, tough terrain and he will need to cover 20-25 miles a day, in order to reach the various milestones along the route.

Bobby Grewal Chairman of the India Association

Bobby Grewal Chairman of the India Association

Bobby says of the walk; “I feel very blessed. I have always enjoyed walking and have had the privilege to fulfil my dream to walk the ‘circle of India’ through the India Association, whilst raising money for extremely worthy causes, such as Save the Children.”

Bobby has been Chairman of The India Association since 2001 and in that time, has helped the charity raise over £300,000 for various worthy causes. The India Association is a voluntary West London based charity, whose aim is to ‘support noble charitable causes wherever the need arises, in the UK or abroad’. The organisation is governed by a group of professional businessmen and women, who organise events, activities and challenges, to raise money for good causes.