10 year old Indian prodigy graduates US high school

A 10 year old boy has made the world look at him in awe after he received his high school diploma in the United States.

Tanishq Abraham from California, became one of the youngest Americans admitted to the high-IQ society Mensa at age 4. He then got his diploma on Sunday in a ceremony at the California Automobile Museum in Sacramento, his mother, Taji Abraham, a trained veterinarian, said.

He left his local public school at age 7, and actually completed his California early exit high school exam in March.

“He was pretty much self-taught,” Taji said of her son, adding she focused on teaching him biology and chemistry, while her husband, Bijou, who works for a robotics firm, helped him with calculus and trigonometry.

For now, he is working on obtaining his associate degree from American River College before advancing next year to the University of California at Davis, which the family has chosen because it is close to where they live in Sacramento, Taji said.

Tanishq Abraham

Tanishq Abraham

A spokesman for American River College confirmed Tanishq had taken courses at the campus.

“My ultimate goal would be science, like scientist or doctor, but I also want to be president too,” Tanishq told the station in an interview.

Taji said that when her son was 7, she took an astronomy class with him at American River College, and that he helped teach her the subject.

“I’m probably one of the luckiest mothers, to have a 7-year-old as my classmate,” she said.

Sharanya Bharathwaj