4 Fundamental Facts About Fear

When irrational fear is present in your life, it prevents you from experiencing life in its fullest. As fear is one of the worst attention seekers, it distracts you from creating and living your own life as you desire.



These are the 4 fundamental facts of fears:

1)    Fear lives in the future

Fear is always about something that might happen in the future. As far as your focus is in the present, you cannot have fear. When fear sets in ask yourself ‘do I have any problem at this moment?’ You may find surprising relief!

2)    Fear is just an emotion

Irrational Fear is an overblown imagination of what might happen in future. When you are afraid that your plane would crash, it is just an emotion not the crash itself. When you recognize this, the  fear does not have any more power over you.

3) Fear is always about loss – loss of life, wealth, respect etc.

The fear of losing it is proportionate to the intensity of the attachment you have on it. Try practicing detached attachment and keep fear at the bay

4) Fear is present only when there is a desire

Fear arises only when there could be a conflict between what you want and what might happen. We build up expectations around life and come up with a concrete picture of how our lives SHOULD be. This rigidity forms a strong foundation for fear. If we are flexible, we can withstand the storm. When we flow with life, fears dissolve. When you find yourself in the middle of the storm, ask yourself ‘What if I just allow this?’ You may find your strength to let go and flow.

When fear surrounds you next time, try to remember these 4 facts. You will be surprised to see how powerful you feel over the fear.

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