58 year old South Indian maid’s hand chopped off by employer in Saudi Arabia

Kasthury (Kasturi) Munirathnam, approximtely 58 years old, hailing from the state of Tamil Nadu, is in serious condition as a result of her Saudi employer chopping off her right hand, after being subject to phyical and mental harassment and torture at work.

Kasthury, was allegedly subjected to physical and mental torture as her employers didn’t even give her food or paid her any money. Kasthury’s sister, Vijayakumari, said that when Kasthuri decided to tell local officials about the harassment she was facing there, the employers got angry.

Kasthury, left for Saudi Arabia in July this year to work as a domestic maid. Kasthury who had four kids, was forced to take up the job abroad, as the family was already facing financial problems after the marriage of her three daughters.


The incident took place on 28th of September. When Kasthuri tried to escape the harassment and torture, her right hand was chopped off by the woman employer. She fell down and suffered serious spinal injuries.
It is yet not clear if the attacker was a man or a woman.

Now Kasthuri is in Kingdom hospital in Riyadh, but is reportedly asking to be sent back to India.

In the meantime, India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was outraged about the incident, saying that this was “unacceptable.” She tweeted: “Chopping of hand of Indian lady – We are very much disturbed over the brutal manner in which Indian lady has been treated in Saudi Arabia”.

Later, Indian media reported that Saudi police arrested the employer who allegedly chopped off Kasthury’s hand. However, authorities, both in India and Saudi Arabia haven’t yet revealed the details of the suspect’s identity.

Another scandalous case came earlier in October when a Saudi woman, who published online a video in which her husband sexually abused a maid, now faces jail, according to the kingdom’s privacy laws.

– Spadman