A stray leopard enters a school in Bengaluru, gets trapped after injuring five

It was a quite Sunday afternoon that a leopard decided to enter Vibgyor School at Kundanahalli near Whitefield in Bengaluru. At nearly 4 PM, the 8 year old big cat was seen roaming around the school compound and the footage was covered in the CCTV cameras placed inside the school.

Fortunately, the children were safe in their respective homes as the school is usually closed on weekends. The CCTV camera shows the leopard jumping over the boundary wall and entering the school compound.

Later, the officials of Forest Department and police tranquilised and trapped the big cat after 14-hour long operation. A forest department official said the tranquilised leopard was taken to Bannerghatta Biological Park. “It has been tranquilised and taken in a cage to Bannerghatta. After looking into its health condition, we will leave it in the forest,” he said.


The leopard seems to have strayed into the city late Saturday from a nearby forest area in search of prey and jumped into the school premises over a compound wall,” Ralph, who rushed to the spot for rescuing it, pointed out.

The leopard had escaped from the school premises during the day and was hiding inside nearby bushes. As authorities were in the midst of operations to capture it, it re-entered the school building by scaling a compound wall, officials said, adding that it has now been tranquillised.

“We bolted the room in which the leopard was hiding and tranquilized it with one shot through the mesh and ferried in a cage to the Bannerghatta zoo,” Karnataka chief wildlife warden Ravi Ralph said.

Of the five persons injured in the rescue operation, a wildlife activist Sanjay Gubbi, was hurt grievously.