A true story of a misfit!

When I was born, I was greeted by a very disappointed aunt because it was not a boy (this incident is being replayed to me still:-); Then came the school where I did not fit in – I was very different and extremely sensitive – I was called ‘the dark one’ & ‘the weak one’. More than anything, the boundaries set for a girl extremely frustrated me. I bullied people weaker than me (well, sadly) and got bullied by people who were stronger than me… Life was always a struggle.

Then came the prestigious engineering college. I was a nobody among the brilliant brains and sophisticated English. I was a country girl with no exposure who could not even speak a single sentence in English (no exaggeration here). I messed up relationships and could not wait to get out of there.

A true story of a misfit

The story travels in similar lanes until I lost my baby on his 5th day on the planet. That was the rock bottom and also a turning point. I was miserable but I started seeking the meaning of life. Read a lot, listened a lot, learned a lot. Moving to UK around this time was instrumental and my exploration continued – I changed my career 8 times (not just jobs) – engineering to IT to media to alternative therapies to coaching and so on… Now, I am running an IT company of about 60 people with 4 different nationalities, speaking about 10 different languages & from 15 different locations. I also counsel and coach people on life skills.

My company employs Work from Home (WFH) moms in India, people from rural background who struggle to impress big companies and encourage people to do what they like to do than what we want them to do.

Well, why am I writing this? Just to say that – If a misfit and miserable like me can turn around my life, anybody can. If you think you have hit the rock bottom, know that you can only go up from there. Who knows, misfits could be the ones who can create new worlds!

– Nirmala Raju (Nila)