Affected Parents unhappy with Padma Award to ‘negligent’ woman doctor

24 years back a child was born in Kerala with stalled mental development as a result of complications during his birth. Few complications arose out of medical negligence which led to the birth defect.

In 2006, after a long and protracted legal battle, the parents of Naveen (a) Chakkara won recompense with the National Consumer Dispute Redressal commission (NCDRC). The NCDRC ordered the two doctors of Cosmopolitan Hospital in Kerala to pay Rs.11.35 lakh (GBP 11350) compensation.

sthethescopeThe parents of the 24 year old boy were shocked to see one of those two doctors’ name – Subadra Nair in the list of Padma awardees which were announced by the Union Government of India on the eve of republic day.

This news irked Shibhu Thomas, father of Chakkara.

“I am shocked to hear that this doctor has been conferred a Padma award. What she did was a criminal offence by way of dereliction of duty and it is most unfortunate that she has been given the award. I will certainly take up the issue and look into all aspects on how I can make the central government reverse their decision,” said Thomas, a banker by profession.

Ever since he was born on December 13, 1989 at the Cosmopolitan hospital here, Chakkara is not sound mentally and all he does is to cry on and off and constantly fall down as he tries to walk in his house.

Sharanya Bharathwaj