After MSG in Maggi, Live Larvae found in Nestle’s milk powder pack in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Things can’t get worse than this! After the Maggi controversy, the company has now been sued for its milk powder. Close to a dozen of live larvae were found in a packet of Nestle’s milk powder in Tamil Nadu.

The incident came to light when a taxi driver from Puliakulam, Coimbatore, K Prem Ananth found live larvae in 380 gm Nestle NAN PRO 3 carton pack that he bought for his twin babies.

Ananth had already fed one of his 18 month old children with the baby formula and was mixing a separate batch for the other twin when he stumbled upon live larvae in the milk powder. Consequently, the baby who was fed with the formula had to be hospitalized due to a skin allergy.


Ananth complained to Nestle over a voice message and they had sent a representative to pick up the sample. But, Ananth refused to send it back as he thought the investigation by Nestle would be biased.

On April 29, he went to the Tamil Nadu Food Safety and Drug Administration Department (Food Safety Wing) in Coimbatore and submitted the samples for testing. Test results showed that the milk powder did not conform to the food standards as it contained live insects. Now Ananth has complained to the Food Safety Cell.

A report from analysts at the Food Analysis Laboratory, Coimbatore, confirmed that the 380 gm sample contained 28 live larvae and 22 Sitophilus oryzae (rice weevils).

– Spadman