All children in primary schools would get free school meals from next year

Children in the first three years of primary school in England, will be given free school meals from next year, – Liberal Democrat leader ,Nick Clegg has declared. It is a 600 million GB giveaway that aims at reducing the cost of living for parents .

It is designed to boost the health and educational attainment of children, and will save families an average of £437 per child per year at a time when many are struggling with the cost of living.

Clegg said that the new policy will take effect in September next year. The worth would be more than 400 GBP per child aged five, six and seven.

At present, around 400,000 children in the first three years of primary education are eligible for free school meals. Providing a hot, healthy lunch for an extra 1.5m children means that better off families will benefit, which will raise eyebrows at time when welfare has been squeezed and child benefit cut.

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All children in primary schools would get free school meals from next year in Britain

Although the economy is showing signs of recovery, ministers admit more must be done to ensure that households feel better off, after several years in which prices have risen faster than incomes.

In a year’s time, the Coalition will provide free school meals to disadvantaged pupils in further education and sixth form colleges. At present they are only available for students in school sixth forms.

Mr Clegg said: “My ambition is that every primary school pupil should be able to sit down to a hot, healthy lunch with their classmates every day. We will start with infant school pupils because teaching healthy habits young, and boosting attainment early, will bring the biggest benefits. Universal free school meals will help give every child the chance in life that they deserve, building a stronger economy and fairer society.”

Sharanya Bharathwaj