Art of Living’s founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar receives death threats from ISIS

Art of Living (AoL) Foundation on Saturday claimed that its founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar received death threat from international terror organisation ISIS during his present visit to Malaysia. Islamic State (Isis) has threatened to kill Sri Sri Ravi Shankar if he continues carrying out “Hindu activities” in Malaysia.

The threats were made in letters which were addressed to the organisation’s Malaysia unit.

“Three (death) threat letters were received addressed to three persons, including our director and faculty in Malaysia and a general manager of the hotel where Ravi Shankar is staying,” AOL officials in Bengaluru said.

One of the letters, addressed in English and Arabic said: “Be warned that if Indian guru Ravi Shankar steps foot in Malaysia or any other Muslim country, this is what will happen him,” with a picture of a beheaded man on ground.

The letters, sent by courier to AoL at Selangor in Malaysia, further said: “We will destroy all the venues where his activities are happening and thousands of people will die because of him.”


The letters also accused Ravi Shankar of meddling in the Islamic affairs of Iran and Iraq.

“A rogue who says he is non-religious yet converting Muslims in Iran and Iraq to Hindu. This is not a joke. We are very serious about this,” the letter said.

The ISIS letter read: “If he steps foot into Malaysia your hotel and venues of his activities will be destroyed and many thousands will die for him. We don’t want Ravi Shankar to step into any Muslim country”.

The police is trying to track the origin of the letter, which was posted locally to the office of Art of Living’s Malaysian chapter in Shah Alam suburb.

Undeterred by the threat letters, AoL conducted a yoga programme in the morning for about 10,000 people at Penang.

The Art of Living ran a morning yoga programme which attracted 10,000 participants. A separate programme is ongoing in Penang which was attended by 70,000 people.

Sharanya Bharathwaj