“Association Of Tamil Speaking People UK” 30th Anniversary Celebrations

During the year 1982 few doctor professionals who hailed from Madras and other parts of Tamil nadu joined together and started an association called Association of Tamil Speaking People UK (ATSP UK).  Those days there were not that many Tamilians around, at least in priofessional cadre and people felt a longing to connect and retain their Tamil identity and also to nurture the traditions.

Even speaking in simple tamil language was giving a great pleasure and a feel of being at home many miles away.  It was also the intention of encouraging children to learn the language and to build friendship. Few Doctors used to meet thrice a year in the begining and later twice a year & finally once a year now. The reason was that most members were doctors and they were all members of Madras State Medical Association and used to  meet once a year for a professional group meeting, and couldn’t handle too many meetings to attend.  Presently, the Madras State Medical Association meets during the 1st Bank Holiday weekend in May and the ATSP meets during end of September/1st weekend of October every year.

ATSP-UK never promoted professional artistes to come and provide entertainment and encouraged members and their children to exhibit their talents in monoacting/drama, short skits, singing, dancing or playing musical instruments. Every year ATSP-UK gives charitable donations for good cause promoted by the members.

Photos from “Association Of Tamil Speaking People UK” 30th Anniversary Celebrations held at Wolverhampton north west of England (United Kingdom) on 23/Sep/2012