Britain government warns doctors on abortions based on the sex

The government of UK has issued guidelines regarding the closure of a legal loophole which allowed abortions on the basis of sex. As per the studies it has been found that several infant girls were missing from particular ethnic communities, especially the British Asian culture that widely prefers male child. The department of health guidance issued a warning on Friday against illegal sex determination and pre-sign abortion. Doctors carrying out abortion on the basis of the sex of an unborn child will be punished for breaking the law.

Abortion clinics in Britain will be required to recognize explicitly that this kind of abortion is illegal according to the conditions of the license issued to the doctors. According to the latest surveys it has been found that in certain communities infant girls are missing. There are some ethnic communities that prefer male child over females. Reports show that around 1500 – 4700 infant girls were missing in some of the ethnic communities. After the secret filming by the “Daily Telegraph”, the issue concerning sex selection was raised. It revealed how two doctors belonging to the Indian-origin agreed to the female foetuses termination. No charges were filed against them because the CPS (Crown prosecution service) stated there was actually no intention to proceed with the termination.



According to the analysis of the data of child birth, it is revealed that mothers belonging to Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan prefer to opt for gender based abortions. These abortions are also carried out widely in Nepal and India. 14 pre-signed certificates have been found out in an investigation carried out secretly in the abortion clinics. According to the British law, two doctors need to certify under the 1967 Abortion Act before carrying out an abortion legally. As per the updated guidance, all doctors carrying out abortions are reminded that pre-signing forms are not allowed. In good faith, both doctors certifying an abortion should carry the legal license.

Ann Furedi, the chief executive of the British pregnancy advisory service, the main provider of abortions for NHS stated, abided by the latest update that there is no clinical needs from two doctors in order to certify the reason for aborting a child. The consent of the women who want to undergo the abortion is all that matters, rest simply leads to delay.

YS Subramaniam