Chennai hosts ‘World Idli day’ on 30th March 2015

The humble Idli, which is described as mother of all foods, has got a new identity to it- World Idli day was celebrated on 30th March 2015 with Chennai playing host to the first ever Idli day.

On the lines of Americans and Swedes who celebrate National Popcorn Day and Waffle Day, respectively, south Indians decided to commemorate March 30 as World Idli Day showing affection of their favourite breakfast meal.

To mark this day, a 50 kg enormous ‘Idli cake’ was cut and relished by all. This was initiated by the Tamil Nadu cooking Organisation along with the Idli vendors. Henceforth, 30th March will be dedicated to World Idli day and will be celebrated globally.

On Idli day parallelly, a small eatery in Pittsburgh in the USA, too observed World Idli Day with master chef Balasubramanian serving hot and fluffy Idlis to his regular customers.

World Idli day

Idli, which is often referred to as South Indian pancake is a common breakfast dish in any South Indian home.

A traditional breakfast dish around south India, the Idli is made by steaming a batter of fermented pulses and rice and is usually two-three inches in diameter. It is generally served with chutney and some traditional pulses called ‘sambar’.

MG Rajamani Iyer, Tamil Nadu Catering Employees Union president, pointed out that with President Obama making his love for Idli open and former president Bill Clinton too waxing eloquence on Idli, it is time Idli was given its place in the global dining table and hence the Idli Day. Eniyavan and Iyer distributed thousands of steaming and fluffy Idlis to poor people in north Chennai.

Sharanya Bharathwaj