Curing the Incurable

Terminal disease – Chronically ill – Incurable. These words hit us like death sentences.

Imagine being told that the ‘condition’ you have is serious. “I’m sorry. But I’m afraid that’s all we can do.

But I will do everything in my power to make sure that you feel comfortable.”

What quality of life would a person enjoy, or rather, suffer after being told that? Endless rounds of visits to the hospital, sorrowful family, interminable pain – to name a few tests.

But what if that was just one way of looking at the situation? What if there were more?

Take Liam Phillips for instance. Liam battled with an “incurable” disease for 3 years and suffered terrible emotional and physical pain. But he did not give up the search for the cure as he always knew that the possibilities were endless. After trying many conventional and unconventional methods, Liam found the missing piece with Access Consciousness. In one year Liam totally changed his reality of the disease into possibilities and cured himself.

Liam asks, “What if ‘incurable’ is just a point of view? What if you are the miracle? What if you are the cure?”

Liam has been touring and sharing his experience through his course ‘Curing the Incurable’ that has inspired many people around the world to step into more possibilities. Liam says, “You always have a choice”

Liam Phillips

Liam Phillips

Simply asking the body questions to increase the awareness and choosing what we desire to create infinite possibilities seem really magical. This is not about science or case studies or medical reports or blood tests. This is much simpler. It is about the most important thing – YOU and what works for you.

So what if you could do this? Heal yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally just by being yourself and making the choices?

Here’s your chance to find out – you could join Liam, the NOT doctor in a telecall series he is conducting every Tuesday until the 28th of December 2013 so that you can welcome in 2014 at your best – the start of a new life with total ease.

Ask questions of what potential there is within you to create the world you dream of, simply by making a choice to live in it so that you can live in it the way you want to!

Welcome to possibility!