Divya Kasturi – Bharatanatyam National Tour UK 2013

Divya Kasturi is a multifaceted performer, choreographer and teacher with more than two decades of performing experience-navigating careers in the two countries of India (Chennai- her hometown) and UK (her current place of residence). She travels back and forth regularly continuing her artistic pursuits ‘there’ and ‘here’.Divya works in both dimensions of classical and contemporary South Asian Dance sectors thereby articulating a new and unique sensibility to her art. Her work spans community, mainstream, theatre, site-specific, television and academic sectors. In 2011,Divya completed a masters in South Asian Dance studies at Roehampton University, London, wherein she set the record for creating the first virtual masters dissertation along the lines of South Asian Dance Practice-as-research. Apart from Bharatanatyam, Divya is also adept at Cranatic vocal music and Kathak. Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, she has been teaching Bharatanatyam and Vocal music for the last six years.

Divya Kasturi's Bharatanatyam National Tour Dates 2013

Divya Kasturi’s Bharatanatyam National Tour Dates 2013

With NowHere Divya Kasturi presents two works offering an insight into the vibrant traditions and new directions in South Asian dance. Darshan, rooted in classical Bharatanatyam, celebrates Indian theatrical stories in full traditional glory. Kasturi’s latest work, NowHere, uses Bharatanatyam as a springboard to explore how her experience of being ‘in between’ the UK and India has formed her identity. NowHere uses live vocals and  video design to create an emotionally charged fusion of styles, sounds and images.

15th June @ Key Theatre, Peterborough

20th June @ Colchester Arts Centre

28th June @ Deda, Derby

29th June @ Gem Arts, Newcastle

6th July @Kalasangam, Bradford

14th July @Watermans, London