Facebook to launch ‘Dislike’ button soon!

Facebook fans and say, even some addicts, can soon vent out their frustration in a new way by clicking on ‘Dislike’ button, FB’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg announced the move at a public Q&A session at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

He said Facebook was “very close” to having it ready for user testing and revealed that the button would allow Facebook users to “express empathy” with their friends. Facebook users have long pointed out the thumbs-up ‘like’’ button is not suitable for certain status updates, such as bereavements or other bad news.

“People have asked about the dislike button for many years,” the 31-year-old billionaire said. “We’ve finally heard you and we’re working on this and we will deliver something that meets the needs of the larger community.”

People have asked whether Facebook would make a “Dislike” button for years, and for years Facebook has said that it wouldn’t. It’s kind of obvious why this cycle happens: there’s a natural impulse to want to see a “Dislike” button next to Facebook’s ubiquitous Like button, but there are also some real problems with that.


Facebook doesn’t want people using “Dislike” as a way to harass or disrespect other people, and — more cynically — you can argue that it certainly doesn’t want people Disliking the sponsored posts that companies pay to put in your News Feed.

“A lot of times people share things on Facebook that are sad moments in their lives. Often people tell us that they don’t feel comfortable pressing ‘like’ because ‘like’ isn’t the appropriate sentiment. “Some people have asked for a dislike button because they want to say, ‘That thing isn’t good.’ That’s not something that we think is good for the world.

“The thing that I think is very valuable is that there are more sentiments that people want to express.”

However, the “like” button has drawn criticism over the way Facebook uses it to collect data on its users. A row over “fake likes”, which artificially boost the appeal of a post, has also marred the feature.

– Spadman