Glass panels shatter again at Chennai airport

There was another shock for the passengers at Chennai airport, when on Tuesday, January 21, one more glass panel cracked and got shattered at the entrance of the new domestic terminal.

This is not the first incident. There have been 12 such cases of glass panels shattering and false ceilings crashing since this terminal started its operation last year on April 23rd. This was the 13th incident.

Staffs and passengers who were waiting to board their Air India and Indio Airlines flight said that a side standing glass panel measuring 8×5 feet, cracked and shattered at around 9:10 am near gate no. 4. It was immediately closed by the airport authorities and the passengers were asked to enter the terminal from the other three gates. Luckily, no one was injured and none of the flights were cancelled or delayed.

Glass panels shatter again at Chennai airport

Glass panels shatter again at Chennai airport

The domestic terminal of this airport was inaugurated last year by the vice-president, Hamid Ansari on January 31st. The first false ceiling crashed on May 17. After that every-now-and-then, glass breaks and false ceiling collapse kept happening. The 12th incident happened on January 2nd this year. The new terminals were constructed at a cost of around Rs. 2,200 crore.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) chairman, V. P. Agarwal, said, “It is a natural process for glass. Kolkata airport is also facing a similar problem”. He also added that such events have occurred even in Delhi and Mumbai airports where glass panels have cracked. He also said that when glasses are manufactured, the impurities that get into the glass, leads to cracks.

Adding to it, he said, “Since we are now going for complete glass buildings, the incidents are higher”.

The assistant general manager (PR) of Chennai airport, Harbhajan Singh, said that the Airports Authority of India is investigating the technical reasons of the occurrence of such incidents.

These incidents are definitely raising a concern over the safety of the passengers travelling from these airports. However, the higher authorities are ruling out the poor quality of the glass as they are obtained from an international manufacturer in Chennai.